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Training and Education

As a RIPE NCC member, you will want to take advantage of the extensive training and education services we provide. These courses are designed to help you interact with the RIPE NCC and manage your Internet number resources.

All courses are given by two expert trainers from the RIPE NCC who can also take the time to answer any questions you might have about the RIPE NCC or your own operations.

1. Courses offered by the RIPE NCC

The RIPE NCC offers a number of courses that can help you get established as an LIR and manage your resources effectively. New members and members looking to refresh their knowledge or train new staff should particularly consider attending the LIR and RIPE Database Training Course to help them in dealing with the RIPE NCC, requesting resources and understanding important policy issues and RIPE Database concepts.

Full list of Training Courses that RIPE NCC Members can participate in

2. How to register for a training course

The full list of available training courses and webinars with registration links are listed on the LIR Portal Training page. All training courses are free for RIPE NCC members. We suggest that you register early for training courses as there is a limited number of spaces available on each course.

The RIPE NCC also announces upcoming courses on the ncc-announce _at_ ripe _dot_ net mailing list, and on its Twitter feed.

Once you register for a course, we will send an email acknowledgement and further information to the email address you specify on the form.

3. E-Learning: RIPE NCC Academy, Webinars and Videos

The RIPE NCC E-Learning Centre lets you access our online training resources no matter where you are. This is very useful for members who are unable to attend in-person training.

RIPE NCC Academy

The RIPE NCC Academy is a virtual learning environment in which you can follow online courses and become certified in a particular area of expertise.

It is available to everyone, free of charge. Newer members and those looking to refesh their information for themselves or new staff are encouraged to take the Local Internet Registry Course. There are also RIPE NCC Academy courses on the RIPE Database and IPv6.

To enrol on a course, just login with your RIPE NCC Access account.


We have regular webinars on a wide range of topics. These webinars are interactive online sessions with our trainers, where you can watch live demonstrations and have your questions answered on the spot.


The RIPE NCC's video library provides a range of useful educational videos that quickly show you how to improve your skills when you're short on time.

4. Further Information

All of the information you need about training and education at the RIPE NCC is available from the Training Services pages.

And you should feel free to contact our Training Services Department if you have any questions.