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Privacy Terms

When filling out the RIPE NCC membership application form, you will be asked to provide certain personal data including name, email address, phone number and other details.

The RIPE NCC requires this information so it can:

  • Process your application to become a RIPE NCC member
  • Record the persons authorised by your organisation to communicate with us and to be sent convocations for a General Meeting (see Art.5 of the RIPE NCC Articles of Association)
  • Provide access to the LIR Portal for your registered contact persons in order to facilitate communication and management of service requests and membership voting rights
  • Create the relevant RIPE Database objects as part of the RIPE NCC's mandate to pursue the RIPE Community's legitimate interests
  • Publish a List of Members on for Internet operational purposes
  • Keep its members informed about RIPE NCC developments relevant to its members

Some of the data you provide will be publicly available and some will be used internally by the RIPE NCC. During the application process, we indicate which data will be publicly available.

Before submitting the personal data of third parties, please make sure that you are permitted to provide this information.

You will be asked to create an “abuse-c:” contact attribute and this should not reference personal data. However, if you do set up the “abuse-c:” attribute to reference email contacts that could be considered personal data, it is your responsibility to inform the individuals and obtain their prior consent. In particular, the individuals need to be informed that their email contacts will be processed in a bulk way and you need to obtain their consent for using their data in this way.

For more information about how the RIPE NCC processes the personal data you provide and what your rights are as an individual, please see the RIPE NCC Privacy Statement.