Welcome to the RIPE NCC

Welcome to the RIPE NCC

If you started your membership application before 4 March 2015, please see the information on this page.

First Steps as a RIPE NCC Member

As a new RIPE NCC member, there are a wide range of activities you will want to carry out, from requesting and managing your resources to updating the RIPE Database and getting involved with the Internet community. This page outlines the steps you need to take before you can start to take advantage of all the RIPE NCC has to offer.

Training and Education 

The RIPE NCC provides a wide range of training opportunities for its members at no extra cost. From in-person training in your country to online courses and webinars, this page will let you know how to build your knowledge and expertise.

Services to Help Your Operations

The RIPE NCC is home to a vast amount of data and technical services that can help you with your operations. Find out about them here and get the most out of your membership.

Getting Involved with RIPE and the RIPE NCC

Now that you are part of the RIPE NCC membership, we hope you will get involved with the technical community by attending meetings in person or online, and getting involved in discussions about Internet operations on RIPE NCC and RIPE mailing lists. This page lets you know how to get involved.