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Minutes 18th Executive Board Meeting

Draft Minutes
Version: 1.1


Frode Greisen, (FG)
Kees Neggers, (KN)
Mike Norris (MN)
Nigel Titley (NT)
Axel Pawlik (AP)
Rob Blokzijl (RB)(invited guest for Agenda item 6)

Wim Vink (WV)

KN chaired the meeting.
The agenda was agreed as follows:


12:00 Lunch

13:00 1.1 Agenda/Comments
1.2 Approval of previous minutes - #17, 991221
1.3 Date of next meeting

2. Outstanding Actions

3. Financial Report 1999

4. Financial Update

5. Report on Activities since December


7. Membership Category "Supernational"

8. Annual Report 1999

9. Personnel Fund

10. AOB

1.1 Agenda/Comments
Essential documents for Board meetings should reach the Board members at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting. Electronic delivery can be used where practical.

1.2 Approval of previous minutes - #17, 991221
The minutes of the 17th Board Meeting were approved.

1.3 Date of next meeting
Next meeting will take place on 6th September 2000 at the RIPE NCC's offices in Amsterdam from 13.00hrs to 16.00hrs

2. Outstanding Actions
All actions were completed.

3. Financial Report 1999
The Financial Report was not ready due to unforeseen circumstances.
It will be sent to the Board members within two weeks.

4. Financial Update
The financial update could not be presented due to unforeseen circumstances. It will be sent to the Board members within two weeks.

5. Report on Activities since December
AP gave a detailed report on RIPE NCC's internal and external activities since December 1999.

RB gave an update on the ICANN Cairo March 7 meeting and on the
latest developments concerning ICANN.

7. Membership Category "Supernational"
There were a number of problems in principle and practice with the
Supernational membership category. so it was decided that new
members will not be accepted into the Supernational Registry
Category. Attempts will be made to persuade the three existing members of this category to change to multiple Large registries.

8. Annual Report 1999
The Draft of the Annual Report was submitted to the Board during the
meeting time. Preliminary comments were given and a second draft will
be sent to the Board for comments.

9. Personnel Fund
The Trustees of the Personnel Fund have asked the Board if the due date for the annual payment to the fund may be moved from 31st December to 30th April. The Board was willing to accept a move to 30th June, but felt that 30th April was too early in the financial cycle.

10. AOB
The use of external lobbying firms was discussed. It was decided to further investigate the possibility of using such firms, but with an emphasis that one of the RIPE NCC's most valuable assets is its impartiality. This must not be jeopardised.

With the introduction of new services outside of the "RIPE NCC
Standard Service Agreement" (f.i. the planned Test Traffic service)
a means of integrating these services into the RIPE NCC framework
has to be found. (TC 39)

Action List
TC 39 17/03/2000 AP Proposal on the integrations of new
services into RIPE NCC framework" OPEN

Results since last meeting:

TC 38 21/12/1999 WV WV to sign the documents for the Chamber
of Commerce when ready. DONE

TC 36 21/12/1999 AP Board material to be submitted at least DONE
two weeks before the next Board meeting

TC 37 21/12/1999 AP To produce a paper on the raison d'etre for
changing and a recommendation on the DONE
"Supranational" Registries