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Plenary Agenda

  1. Opening
  2. Agenda
  3. Minutes RIPE 30
  4. From the Chair (R Blokzijl)
  5. Report from the RIPE NCC (M Kuehne)
  6. RIPE NCC 1999 Activity Plan (D Karrenberg)
  7. RIPE NCC 1998 Annual General Meeting (K Mitchell)
  8. Some aspects of the new IANA (D Crocker)
  9. New IANA: Progress reports (RIPR, RIPE NCC, CENTR)
  10. European CERT Activities (B Gilmore)
  11. Merit Post Routing Arbiter Activities (G Winters)
  12. Reports from the Working Groups
  13. Next meetings
  14. A.O.B.
  15. Close