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Mentoring Programme

For the past 25 years, RIPE Meetings have brought together thousands of people interested in Internet operations, policy and governance. As the RIPE community evolves, it is important that everyone feels welcome and comfortable participating, regardless of technical ability or career level.

Volunteering as a mentor is an easy way to pay it forward and ensure the RIPE community continues to thrive.  

How to Become a RIPE Meeting Mentor/Mentee

All you need to do is tick the "Yes, I want to be a Mentor" or "Yes, I want to be paired with a Mentor" box on the RIPE Meeting registration form.

Someone from our team will be in touch a month before the meeting to ask you what your areas of interest are.

Expectations for mentors

  • Email mentee 2-3 weeks before a RIPE Meeting to introduce yourself, find out what the mentee wants to achieve from the meeting 
  • Arrange to meet the mentee for a coffee on the Monday or Tuesday of the meeting week 
  • Be available for questions throughout the week 
  • Meet again for a catch-up as needed 
  • Be available for future questions once the meeting ends 

Expectations for mentees 

    • Provide your mentor with an idea of what you want to achieve at the RIPE Meeting and how they can help you 
    • Meet with your mentor for a coffee on Monday or Tuesday of the meeting week 

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