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RIPE 76 Programme Committee Lunch Meeting

Palais Du Pharo - Marseille, France 
Wednesday, 16 May 2018, 12:30-14:00 

Chair: Benno Overeinder
Present: Ondřej Surý, Simon Muyal (France-IX representative), Maria Isabel Gandía Carriedo, Jan Žorž, Franziska Lichtblau, Peter Hessler, Leslie Carr, Brian Nisbet, Pavel Lunin, Dmitry Kohmanyuk
RIPE Chair: Hans Petter Holen
RIPE NCC: Martina de Mas, Mirjam Kühne, Adam Castle, Athina Fragkouli, Serge Radovcic (last 15 minutes)


  1. Welcome - 5 min
  2. PC elections [Brian] - 5 min
  3. YouTube for RIPE Meeting Webcasts [Adam] - 5 min
  4. RIPE Meetings T&Cs for presenters [Athina] - 10 min
  5. Publishing presentation abstracts at RIPE Meetings [Adam] - 5 min
  6. Observations from RIPE 76: around the table - 25 min
  7. Community engagement and plenary: e.g., IETF, ICANN, IANA/PTI - 10 min
  8. RIPE 77 planning [Martina] - 10 minutes
  9. AOB

1. Welcome 

2. PC elections 

In general, the election went well with 100 votes. There was a discussion about raising awareness on site about how to vote. 

3. YouTube for RIPE Meeting webcasts

The RIPE NCC tested pushing webcast videos to YouTube in order to increase accessibility for remote participation. It worked well and they can roll this out for RIPE 77 in addition to the regular meeting webcast. All files would be stored on the RIPE Meeting websites.

4. RIPE Meeting T&Cs for presenters 

To avoid misunderstandings from presenters who want to remove their slides from the archives after a meeting, the RIPE NCC plans to introduce T&Cs for presenters (both submitted and accepted). 

5. Publishing abstracts at RIPE Meetings 

There was a suggestion to include presenter abstracts on the website (like what is done for ENOG Meetings). It was agreed to try this for RIPE 77. 

6. Observations from RIPE 76 

The general consensus was the programme was well received. Some people liked the big auditorium, others not so much. Some said they preferred a hotel, but this is tricky because the meetings keep growing. There was a request to ensure that venues are wheelchair accessible. Although there were a lot of challenges thrown at the organisation team, attendees didn't notice and everything was handled professionally. 

7. Community engagement and plenary 

The group discussed how to include updates from other parts of the community like IETF, ICANN, IANA/PTI, etc,. Suggestions were to send reports to the appropriate working groups or reserve lightning talk slots for short updates in the plenary programme. 

8. RIPE 77 Planning 

The next RIPE Meeting would be at the Hotel Okura in Amsterdam and the expectation is that it would be another massively attended meeting. There won't be a local rep on the PC since the meeting is in Amsterdam. 

9. AOB 

The RIPE Diversity Task Force had a short meeting at RIPE 76. Gender metric gathering is ongoing, with not much change over previous meetings. The on-site childcare pilot was very well received. The Women in Tech lunch had a huge turnout and engaging presentations.