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RIPE 81 Programme Committee Meeting

Monday, 2 November 2020
Zoom Meeting


PC Chair: Franziska Lichtblau
PC Members: Alexander Azimov, Peter Hessler, Jelte Jansen, Dmitry Kohmanyuk, Brian Nisbet, Maria Isabel Gandía Carriedo, Wolfgang Tremmel, Jan Zorž
RIPE Chair Team: Mirjam Kuehne, Niall O’Reilly
RIPE NCC Staff: Fergal Cunningham, Martina de Mas, Marita Phelan, Alexandra Vos
Minutes: Alexandra Vos

1. Welcome
2. Meetecho
3. SpatialChat
4. PC Elections
5. Meeting Programme
6. Feedback Survey

7. Call for Papers / Presentation Ratings
8. AOB

Attendees were welcomed.

2. Meetecho
PC members and the RIPE Chair Team were overall really positive about Meetecho as a conference platform. The “mic queue” feature and the all-in-one approach were appreciated by attendees as it made it easier to ask questions and interact with other participants. It was suggested to add new features to the platform (e.g. emoji in the chat, ability to detach the stenography window) to improve the meeting experience further. 

3. SpatialChat
SpatialChat, the RIPE 81 networking tool, received mixed reviews from PC members. Some of them loved the tool and found it great to engage in informal discussions while others didn’t think the platform added value to the meeting. 

4. Meeting Programme 
There was some discussion about the session length. The 45-minute format seems to be working for most participants but can sometimes be too short for Working Group sessions. Also, it was mentioned that online meetings are generally hard to follow as a lot of people are working in parallel.

Before RIPE 81, the academic session was scheduled in parallel with a BoF session. The PC mentioned that they will try to avoid having competing sessions next time, so that participants can attend both.

5. PC Elections
The PC elections were promoted much more than usual (ripe-list, Daily Meeting Report). There were roughly 200 votes registered which is about 20% of the meeting attendees. To boost engagement, it was proposed to write a RIPE Labs article or present a Lightning Talk before the next PC elections.

6. Feedback Survey
It was suggested to simplify the meeting’s feedback survey to make it more user-friendly.

7. Call for Papers / Presentation Ratings
The PC discussed how to attract more presentations as they didn’t receive a lot of them for RIPE 81. This might be due to the fact that some presenters are waiting for physical meetings to come back to submit their papers, thus reducing the number of potential speakers. The presentations submitted received really good ratings but the number of attendees who rated them was low. The PC suggested to ask chat monitors to remind participants to rate presentations when possible to boost voting.

8. AOB
The PC Chair reminded everyone that with Maria Isabel Gandía Carriedo stepping down, a Vice Chair role needed to be filled in. She said she would bring this topic to the PC mailing list and ask candidates to step forward.