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RIPE 78 Programme Committee Lunch Meeting

Hilton Nordica Hotel, Reykjavik
Wednesday, 22 May 2019, 12:30-14:00 CEST

PC Chair: Benno Overeinder
RIPE Chair: Hans Petter Holen 
Present: Benno Overeinder (RIPE PC Chair), Jan Zorz, Franziska Lichtblau, Brian Nisbet, Pavel Lunin, Dmitry Kohmanyuk, Maria Isabel Gandía Carriedo
RIPE NCC: Martina de Mas, Mirjam Kuehne, Marita Phelan, Fergal Cunningham


  1. Welcome (5 min)
  2. PC elections [Brian] (5 min)
  3. Diversity TF & Code of Conduct 2.0 [Brian] (5 min)
  4. PC submission system: updates/feedback [PC & Marita] (10 min)
    1. a) Transfer of rights for presentations on RIPE Meeting website
    2. b) "Note well" for presenters and speakers (at the mic)?
    3. c) Others
  5. Observations from RIPE 78: around the table (25 min)
  6. RIPE 79 planning [Martina] (10 minutes)
  7. Some ideas for the PC in the future [Benno] (10 min)
    1. a) Elections and representation
    2. b) Educating/training next generation (young people) RIPE leadership
  8. AOB

1. Welcome 

2. PC Elections

Brian said that people were voting and there were 63 votes so far. The candidates were:

  • Franziska Lichtblau (up for reelection)
  • Henrik Kramse Kramshøj
  • Jelte Jansen

3. Diversity TF and Code of Conduct 2.0 [Brian] (5 min)

Brian said that the updated version of the Code of Conduct was posted on the ripe-list. He explained that to put together the Code of Conduct, the Diversity TF used a similar method to the one used for the chair selection process, so first discussion and then the selection on the TF mailing list. He said that so far, the general feedback was good. He reminded the PC that even if they don’t have any power of the decision of the Code of Conduct, they should lead as an example together with the working group chairs.

4. PC submission system: updates/feedback [PC, Marita] (10 min)

a) Transfer of rights for presentations on RIPE Meeting website

There was a discussion between Benno, Brian, Hans Petter and Athina (RIPE NCC) about the complicated Terms and Conditions for the meeting, so the PC decided to grant full rights (and liability) to the presenter.

The PC agreed to send Athina more feedback. 

Jan asked that the T&Cs be published on the PC Submission System (PCSS). 

There is an action point on the PC to include a slide that can be shown at the beginning of each session that the presentations are recorded, published, photographed and sometimes minuted.

b) "Note well" for Presenters

Benno suggested a slide for presenters on etiquette. He agreed to draft one and send it to the PC for further action. 

c) Other 

  • Confusion for people submitting Lightning Talks (LTs) if they were accepted or not; suggestion to have a specific deadline communicated
  • Clarity needed on the accepted formats for sessions like LTs and BoFs; suggestion to include format description in the PCSS
  • Better communication is needed between the PC and the presenters 
  • Confusion between PCSS and "Upload Final Presentation"; PC would like to merge them
  • Comment that PC had to chase some presenters for the final version of their presentation; Martina said they always send an email with the final upload link as soon as the presentations are accepted (including LTs); suggestion that the final upload link be included in the LT confirmation
  • Peter will remain the point of contact for all the PCSS requests and Franziska will be the backup. From the RIPE NCC Web Services team, Marita will remain the main point of contact.

4) Observations from RIPE 78: around the table (25 min)

  • Presentation content: Good overall; one presentation was too commercial; perhaps too many DNS presentations; ICANN board impressed with speakers in opening plenary
  • Rooms:  No accessibility ramp to the stage in the side room; a comment that main room too small; a comment that it wasn't ideal to have main and side on different floors; chairs and PC should ask people to sit in the middle of rows  
  • Slido pilot: Feedback was positive overall, questions were short and easy to digest, stenographers liked it as well - there was some negative feedback about the device/app 
  • Scheduling: Some negative comments about Newcomers' social clashing with BoF; Martina agreed but added that it made much more sense to have Newcomers' on Monday and next meeting it will be a standing lunch after the Newcomers' Intro session instead of a reception
  • Women in Tech: Good feedback, the session was well attended