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RIPE Meeting Location Selection Process

A lot of consideration goes into the selection of each RIPE Meeting location. Below is an outline of the steps taken to secure the location for each RIPE Meeting.

1. The Call for Hosts is posted

2. Host offers are reviewed according to the RIPE Meeting host requirements

3. Map of the RIPE NCC service region is checked to ensure balance and spread of RIPE Meeting locations

4. The RIPE NCC reviews location proposals and host recommendations and, following the direction of the RIPE Chair, produces a shortlist of potential venues

6. Site visits are conducted to appraise potential venues according to logistical criteria. If it is determined that the requirements are not met, the next viable option is considered

7. A "best fit" venue is chosen by the RIPE Chair and an agreement with the hotel is negotiated and signed

8. An announcement is then posted to the wider community