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Working Group Agendas

Draft agenda for the RIPE31 netnews-wg meeting

Date: Wednesday 23 September 1998, 9:00-12:30
Location: Room 3
Chair: Felix Kugler

  1. starters
    1. agenda bashing
    2. minutes of the last meeting
    3. scribe
  2. review of outstanding actions
  3. short presentations
    1. status report monitoring tools (Felix Kugler, 5')
    2. crosspost statistics (Felix Kugler, 15')
    3. what's to learn from the recent newgroup attack (Felix Kugler, 10')
    4. Usenet-II (Jonas Luster, 20')
    5. major improvements in INN-2.1 (Jonas Luster, 15')
    6. some thoughts about Usenet's "last mile" (Felix Kugler, 10')
  4. ongoing projects
    1. flowmap project (Kai Siering, 30')
    2. newsgroup synchronization (Jonas Luster, 30')
    3. Newsbone (Felix Kugler, 20')
  5. administrativa
    1. actions, about next meeting...
    2. AOB

Agenda for the Local IR Working Group session

RIPE 31 - 23rdth to 25th September 1998
Local IR Working Group

  1. Selection of chair
  2. Admin
    1. scribe
    2. agenda
    3. meet the RIPE NCC hostmasters
  3. RIPE 30
    1. minutes
    2. actions
  4. Reports from registries
    1. IANA and structures (see also TLD WG)
    2. European regional (RIPE NCC)
    3. other regionals
    4. APNIC, ARIN, AfriNIC
  5. IP Address Space Assignment
    1. distribution robot, document (NCC)
    2. review of allocation rules, ripe-159 (NCC)
    3. web interface to ripe-141 forms
    4. IPv6 address allocation (IETF draft)
    5. IPv8 ?
  6. I/O with other WGs
  7. Statistics
    1. reverse DNS counts, quality
  8. AOB

Agenda for the TLD Working Group session

RIPE 31 TLD-WG (Edinburgh, 23 September 1998)

Proposed Agenda

  1. Administrivia (14:00, 10 mins)
    1. recognition of Scribe
    2. agreement of Agenda
  2. Matters arising from RIPE 30 TLD-WG meeting (14:10, 10 mins)
    1. adoption of minutes (RIPE 29)
    2. adoption of minutes (RIPE 30)
    3. review of action list
  3. Review Workplan (14:20, 10 mins)
    Workplan is due for formal review at each WG meeting.
    Many workplan items have received attention from RIPE-CENTR.
    Proposals for change and/or (re-) prioritization should be submitted before the meeting, please.
  4. Liaison with other Working Groups (15:00, 30 mins)
    DB-WG re whois referral (following RIPE 30 TLD-WG)
    DNS-WG re best practice
  5. RIPE-CENTR Progress (14:30, 30 mins)
    Presentation (Fay Howard) and discussion
    -- Break (15:30) --
  6. New IANA and Supporting Organisations (16:00, 60 mins)
    Additional participants will be welcome to join at this point!
  7. AOB (17:00, 5 mins)
  8. Conclusions (17:05, 20 mins)
    1. revisit workplan priorities
    2. summarize action list
  9. Close (17:25)

Agenda for the Routing WG session

R I P E 3 1 E D I N B U R G H
Routing Working Group Session
23-September-98 Draft Agenda

  1. Preliminaries (Joachim Schmitz)
    1. introduction
    2. participants' list
    3. volunteering of scribe
    4. agenda bashing
    5. RIPE 30 minutes
    6. actions from earlier meetings
  2. Recent Developments (Joachim Schmitz)
    1. RPSL tutorial
  3. Report from the RIPE NCC (Joao Luis Silva Damas)
  4. Report on RPSL Deployment at the Registries
    1. ISI (David Kessens)
    2. RIPE NCC (Joao Luis Silva Damas)
    3. RADB (Gerald Winters)
  5. Do we need a Routing Registry for IPv6? (Joachim Schmitz)
  6. An AUP for the IRR (Gerald Winters)
  7. Routing Policy System Security (David Kessens, Cengiz Allaettinoglu)
  8. General Input from Other WGs
  9. AOB

Agenda for the anti-SPAM Working Group session

RIPE31 Anti-Spam Working Group Agenda
Wednesday, 23rd September 1998
14:00 - 15:30

  1. Administrivia
    1. Appointment of Scribe
    2. Agenda Bashing
  2. General WG input:
    1. Current problems, major incident reports, etc
    2. Current "solutions" in use, etc
    3. Dealing with the "roaming" customer
    4. Other implications of blocking/filtering SMTP traffic
  3. Code of Conduct for ISPs:
    1. Customer Terms and Conditions/AUP/...
    2. Response to incident reports
    3. Coordination of open relay removal (ISP/customer relationship)
  4. Centre for European Network Abuse Resolution (CENAR):
    1. General discussion
  5. I/O with other RIPE WGs
  6. AOB

Agenda for the Mbone Working Group session

Mbone-WG - RIPE 31
draft agenda - Wed. 23th, 16:00 - room 2

  1. Administrative Issues (5min)
    1. Recognition of scribe
    2. WG-agenda bashing
    3. Acceptance of last meetings minutes
  2. Outstanding action items
  3. Multicast based News-distribution (Heiko W. Rupp/Wolfgang Tremmel)
  4. Pruning (Thomas Telkamp)
  5. AMS-IX multicast project (Erik-Jan Bos or Thomas Telkamp)
  6. MBGP deployment (Peter Lothberg)
  7. MSDP (Peter Lothberg)
  8. Implementation updates RealPlayer G2 beta
  9. AOB

Agenda for the Database Working Group session

Proposed Agenda for the Database Working Group Meeting

RIPE-31, September 1998, Edinburgh
1. Draft, August 27, 1998

  1. Administrative stuff (Wilfried Woeber, chair, 5min)
    1. appointment of scribe
    2. agenda bashing
  2. RIPE DB, operational update (RIPE NCC)
    1. statitics, performance, changes
    2. most recent mod.s: cross-notification
    3. handling of changed: referral
    4. RPSL status, usage
    5. mirror systems at other registries' sites
  3. RIPE DB, software development status (RIPE NCC)
    1. done, being worked on, in the queue
  4. DB SW Re-implementation (RIPE NCC)
    1. status, milestones/roadmap, resources required/available
  5. I-D draft-zsako-ripe-dbsec-pgp-authent-00 (Janos ? [Joao])
  6. PGP deployment in the RIPE DB (RIPE NCC)
    1. licenses, support
  7. ripe-157++
    1. who, how & when
  8. I-D draft-ietf-rps-auth-01, -rps-dist-?? (Cengiz ?)
    1. RIPE region requirements/comments
  9. Chicago IETF report(s) ?
  10. Input from other WGs
    1. t.b.d.
  11. AOB

Agenda for the IPV6 Working Group session

RIPE-31, September 1998, Edinburgh
1st Draft, 07.09.1998

  1. Administrative stuff (Thomas Trede, chair)
    1. volunteering of the scribe
    2. agenda bashing
  2. Reports
    1. 6Bone, news/proceedings
    2. presentation by ??
    3. IETF, proceedings IPV6
    4. presentation by ??
    5. News about manufacturers implementation
    6. input from the audience
  3. Current status of RIPE regarding address assignments in IPV6
    1. with input from RIPE NCC (if available/necessary)
  4. General Input from other Working Groups
  5. AOB

Agenda for the Test-Traffic BOF session

Thursday, Sept 24, 1998, 11.00-12.30
Room #3

Goal: discuss the project in detail with hosts of test-boxes, future hosts of test-boxes, other people interested in this work. Get some idea whether people think that this is a useful project and about the direction that the project should follow in the future.

  1. Administrativa.
    1. Agenda bashing.
    2. Scribe.
  2. Status of the project (HU).
    1. Installation of test-boxes.
    2. Problems with installation of the antenna and how to solve them.
    3. Analysis of the data
    4. Discussion
  3. Discussion on how to proceed with the project in 1999.
    1. Are the results that we've produced so-far useful?
    2. What other numbers/results are people interested in?
    3. More test-boxes? Where to install them? Funding?
    4. Other experiments that can be done with the test-boxes.
    5. Interaction between the hosts of the test-boxes and the Test-Traffic group at the NCC (see also point #3).
  4. Future of the Test-Traffic BoF.
    So far, the test-traffic project was in a development stage. This has changed over the last few months when we started to do regular measurements of the delays between the test-boxes. During the development stage, there was little interaction between the TT group and the host of the test-boxes or the group of people who will eventually benefit from hosting a box.
    In order to improve the interaction between the TT-group and the hosts of the boxes, we suggest to establish a working group to discuss the test-traffic project. In the future, the group can also discuss results of other, related, projects.
    In order to establish a WG, we need a document describing the goals of the group and a chairperson. If anybody wants to volunteer, please contact me before the meeting.
    In the meeting, we can discuss this idea as well as the exact goals of the group.
  5. A.O.B.