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Wednesday, 29 October 2008 9:00


The session commenced.
Plus 44 (this is the plus sign and 44)

The next session commenced:

CHAIRMAN: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. The clock on this laptop says 11:22 so that can written in as an the time that the meeting commenced.

I am Neil O'Reilly, this is the ENUM working group and we are starting late because the previous working group had a very heavy agenda and we, by contrast today, have a fairly light agenda and I was glad to be able to accommodate them because we have been in that position before and now we don't owe anybody any more.

So you are very welcome. As an I have said, we have Natalie taking notes, Chris looking after the remote participants by Jabber and I should remind you to silence your phones and that when you come to talk to the microphone, when you want to speak, come to the microphone and declare your name and if relevant, your affiliation.

As an I said, we have a short agenda. And here it is in front of you. It's a little longer than what you see in front of you because it goes down beyond the end of the screen. There is nothing there at G. And there is something at X.