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Meeting Report

The RIPE 54 Meeting took place from 7 - 11 May, 2007 at the Sokos Viru Hotel in Tallinn, Estonia.

There were 270 attendees from 33 countries at the meeting, excluding RIPE NCC staff and including representatives from AfriNIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC and ICANN.


  • The RIPE community agreed to formally request that ICANN signs the DNS root.
  • Three new RIPE Working Group Chairs were welcomed - Sander Steffann (Address Policy co-Chair), Brian Nisbet (Anti-Spam Chair) and Richard Cox (Anti-Spam co-Chair).
  • The RIPE Enhanced Cooperation Task Force was created. This task force will work to improve cooperation with governments and regulators. Malcolm Hutty (LINX) will serve as chair.
  • The RIPE IP Anti-Spoofing Task Force agreed to disband after declaring the objectives documented in its charter had been fulfilled.


  • Norby Telecom, Force10 Networks, Google, DE-CIX and 3StepIT are thanked for the support they provided to the meeting.

Working Group Sessions: Actions and Highlights

Address Policy Working Group


  • Proposal 2006-02: 'IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy' - enough support was found to move it to Last Call.
  • Proposal 2006-01: 'Provider Independent (PI) IPv6 Assignments for End Users' - more discussion is needed on the subject.
  • Proposal 2006-05: '(IPv4) PI Assignment Size' - remains in Review Phase.
  • Proposal 2007-01: 'Direct Internet Resource Assignments to End Users from the RIPE NCC' - more discussion is needed.
  • Proposal 2007-02: 'Change in IP Assignments for Anycasting DNS Policy' - the wording of the proposal will be edited.
  • Proposal 2007-03: 'IPv4 Countdown Policy' - remains in Discussion Phase.
  • Proposal 2007-04: 'IANA Policy for Allocation of ASN Blocks to RIRs' - proposal was supported.
  • Proposal 2007-05: 'IPv6 ULA-Central' - more discussion is needed


  • The RIPE NCC was asked to augment reports about unusual patterns in resource allocation and registration with information from Internet measurements in order to understand the causes of the unusual behaviour. In particular, the RIPE NCC should make use of its own measurement resources for this purpose but not exclude other data.
  • The RIPE NCC was asked to provide more information on the consistency of the announcements of Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) given out.

Anti-Spam Working Group


  • A new Chair and co-Chair were selected after Rodney Tillotson stepped down from his position as Chair. Brian Nisbet (Chair) and Richard Cox (co-Chair) were welcomed to their new roles.

Database Working Group


  • The RIPE NCC was asked to come up with a detailed document within two months about which documents would no longer have "RIPE Document" status.
  • The Working Group approved the change requiring all database objects to be maintained. The RIPE NCC was asked to produce a proposal or timeline on such a change as soon as possible, including any notifications and documentation required.
  • Regarding the 'person' data clean-up, the RIPE NCC will produce a more detailed proposal, including the suggestions for white pages, and there will be further discussion on the Database Working Group mailing list.
  • The proposal to deprecate the "rev-srv:" attribute was passed by consensus and the RIPE NCC was asked to produce a plan for achieving this.
  • The Chair asked that action point 53.1 remain open. This action was discussed again during the Data Protection Task Force meeting and the Chair will prepare a new proposal.
  • Regarding IRT objects, the chair proposed a flag date of four weeks from the Working Group meeting date for implementing –c as default.

DNS Working Group


The Working Group agreed to ask the RIPE community for its support in making a formal request to ICANN to sign the DNS root.


  • 54.1: The RIPE NCC is to facilitate a discussion on whether to require the use of as secondary name server on IPv4 and IPv6 reverse delegations. The RIPE NCC has also been asked to provide updates on DNSSEC statistics as part of its regular reporting on DNS Services at future RIPE Meetings.
  • 54.2: Deprecation of the “rev-srv:” attribute.

EIX Working Group


  • Malcolm Hutty (LINX) gave an overview of the European Comission's draft program for the protection of European critical infrastructure.

ENUM Working Group

Action Points:

  • There was discussion about the RIPE NCC correspondence archive of ENUM requests. Some people were not happy with the idea of a zip file and the RIPE NCC was asked to offer other suggestions.
  • There was an action left open from the previous meeting (ENUM-AP-53.1): the RIPE NCC is to examine and report on 'strange queries'. The RIPE NCC asked that this remains open and mentioned that a report will be sent within two months to the ENUM Working Group mailing list.

RIPE NCC Services Working Group


  • JPNIC offered to exchange information about its experiences with certification of Internet number resources.
  • The RIPE NCC mentioned that it is investigating combining the Local Internet Registry (LIR) Portal access with the RIPE NCC E-Learning Centre access.

Routing Working Group


  • Consensus is forming that Address Policy documents should not contain routing recommendations. It was suggested that, in the future, the Routing Working Group could create a recommendation document to which the Address Policy documents can point for routing guidance.
  • Two of the major router vendors claimed that scalability of the Routing Information Base (RIB) and Forward Information Base (FIB) were not likely to be a problem for the foreseeable future but that the update rate in the BGP table was more of a concern.

IP Anti-Spoofing Task Force


  • The RIPE IP Anti-Spoofing Task Force agreed to disband as it has fulfilled the objectives documented in its charter.

Presentations, Webcast, Podcast and Remote Feedback Archives

  • During RIPE 54, feedback was collected from remote participants via IRC and Jabber. Webcasts, podcasts and IRC/Jabber feedback are available, along with Plenary and working group presentations in the RIPE 54 Sessions Archive.

RIPE NCC Services Centre

  • The RIPE NCC Services Centre was open to all meeting attendees. It enabled members and non-members to interact with RIPE NCC Staff from the Registration Services, Finance, Training Services and technical departments.

Meet & Greet

  • First-time attendees were able to sign-up for 'Meet & Greet', a RIPE NCC service that introduces RIPE Meeting newcomers to the meeting format, to key attendees from the RIPE community and to the various socials throughout the week.

RIPE NCC General Meeting

  • The RIPE NCC General Meeting (GM) May 2007 was held on Wednesday, 9 May, adjacent to the RIPE 54 Meeting. There were 67 attendees, excluding RIPE NCC staff and non-voting observers. During the GM, members approved the RIPE NCC's audited Financial Report 2006, accepted the resolutions and elected Nigel Titley and János Zsakó to the RIPE NCC Board.

Next RIPE Meeting: RIPE 55

RIPE 55 will be held in Amsterdam, 22 - 26 October 2007.