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Working Group Agendas

Local IR Working Group

  1. Admin
    1. scribe
    2. agenda
  2. RIPE 29
    1. minutes
    2. actions
  3. Reports from registries
    1. IANA
    2. European regional (RIPE NCC)
    3. other regionals: APNIC, ARIN, AfriNIC
  4. IP Address Space Assignment
    1. consistency and auditing (NCC report)
    2. requests for aggregation
    3. aggregation of inetnum objects
    4. IPv6 address allocation (Bob Hinden)
  5. IP registry hierarchy
    1. possible need for sub-LIRs
  6. Role of LIR WG
    1. Registry procedures
    2. web-assisted assignment, reverse delegation
    3. tools for local registries
  7. I/O with other WGs
    1. Statistics
    2. AOB

Routing Working Group

  1. Preliminaries (Joachim Schmitz)
  2. Recent Developments (Joachim Schmitz)
    1. Changes in RIPE NCC
    2. RPSL implementation
    3. Routing registry security
    4. IRTF Routing Research Group founded
  3. Progress report on the transition to RPSL (David Kessens)
    1. Interdomain Routing Tools and Analysis (Craig Labovitz)
    2. Research on Routing Instability
    3. Routing Statistics and Measurements
    4. Tools
  4. Comments on IRR Security (NN)
    1. Routing Policy System Security
  5. General Input from other WGs
  6. AOB

IPv6 Working Group

  1. Administrative stuff (Thomas Trede, chair)
    1. volunteering of the scribe
    2. agenda bashing
  2. Reports
    1. 6bone
    2. IETF, proceedings IPv6
    3. Input/presentation by Bob Hinden ???
    4. News about manufacturersimplementation
    5. Input from the audience
  3. Current status of RIPE regarding address assignments in IPv6
    1. with input from RIPE NCC (if available/necessary)
  4. General input from other working groups

NetNews Working Group

  1. Starters
    1. agenda bashing
    2. minutes of the last meeting
    3. scribe
  2. Review of outstanding actions
    1. tools
  3. Monitoring tool overview (Felix Kugler)
    1. news distribution
  4. News flowmaps (Kai Siering)
    1. software to collect raw data
    2. maps for local use
    3. how to generate geographical maps
    4. getting geographical coördinates
    5. administrative issues
    6. required functionality to make maps useful
  5. Building value added services on NAPS (Eden Akhavi)
    1. Quality of Service issues
  6. QOS for News servers (Eden Akhavi)
    1. Usenet management resources (Felix Kugler)
    2. Group list synchronisation (Gerhard Winkler)
    3. first experiences with prototype
    4. how to provide data on reference servers
    5. how to find reference servers
    6. how to organize synchronisation on backbone servers
  7. Newsbone Anti-Spam recommendations
    1. availability of spam filtering mechanisms
    2. experiences with spam filtering
    3. definition of reasonable thresholds for ECP (Gerhard Winkler)
    4. what about EMP filters?
    5. other feed parameters suitable for coördination?
    6. ‘recommend' or ‘require'?
    7. administrativa
  8. Towards the next meeting…
    1. actions
    2. topics of interest for the next meeting
  9. AOB

Database Working Group Meeting

  1. Administrative stuff (Wilfried Woeber, chair, 5min)
    1. appointment of scribe
    2. agenda bashing
  2. General DB Update (RIPE NCC, 15min)
  3. DB In/Consistency efforts (RIPE NCC, 15min)
    1. tools for the users?
  4. DB SW re-implementation (RIPE NCC, 15min + discussion)
  5. RPSL trans phase II: Merit's experience (20min)
  6. IRRD presentation (Jake khuon/Graig Labovit, Merit)
    1. Impact of rps-dist and rps-auth drafts on DB developments
    2. "role:" objects for "admin-c:"s revisited (Erik-Jan Bos, SURFnet)
    3. proposal to allow role objects being ref.d in admin-c:s
  7. Input from other WGs
    1. t.b.d.
  8. AOB

TLD Working Group

  1. Administrivia
    1. appointment of scribe
    2. agreement of agenda
  2. Matters arising from previous meeting at RIPE 29
    1. adoption of minutes
    2. review of action list
  3. Review of workplan
  4. Presentation on RIPE CENTR (Fay Howard)
    1. WHOIS proposal (Marcel Schneider)
    2. Other business
  5. Review of Workplan in view of developments at meeting
    1. Close

10th EOF Meeting

Date: Monday 18 May 1998
Time: 09.00 – 17.30
Place: KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
Room: E1

09:15 Welcome

Appointment of minute taker

09:20 The challenge of ISP coordination

P. Lothberg
We plan to have a series of in-deepth technical Seminars of issues related to operating a public Internet within the EOF framework. The first topic is Integrated ISIS, which is used an an IGP in most of the large ISP networks today. Presented by Henk Smit from cisco.

09:30 Integrated ISIS (part1) H. Smit

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Integrated ISIS (part2)

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Integrated ISIS (part3)

15:30 Coffee Break

16:00 Integrated ISIS (part4)

17:00 Experiences from using BGP with multicast NLRI's on multipart exchangepoint. P. Lothberg

17:30 AOB (Red experiences?)

17:45 End