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  1. Opening
  2. Agenda Bashing
  3. From the Chair
  4. Minutes RIPE 27
  5. Action points from previous meetings
  6. Karel Vietsch: Report from the RIPE NCC contributers meeting
  7. John Martin: EURO-CERT (European Incident Response Coordination Service)
  8. Mike Norris: Spammers hapless fate: ISP toil and sweat
  9. Daniel Karrenberg: RIPE NCC - Activities & Expenditure for 1998
  10. Paul Ridley: The RIPE NCC Charging Scheme for 1998
  11. Mirjam Kuehne and Carol Orange: RIPE NCC Activities Report
  12. Henk Uiterwaal: Test Traffic Measurements Project
  13. Daniel Karrenberg: Towards a Regional Internet Registry for the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
  14. Working group reports
  15. Next Meetings