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Action Points

List of open action items

Action 23.1 on Geert Jan de Groot
To write up recommendations for managing nameserver configurations.

Action 23.3 on RIPE NCC
To incorporate a page where TLD policies can be published at its WWW site.

Action 23.5 on RIPE NCC
To include a pointer to the EU-Mbone-FAQ in the RIPE WWW-server.

Action 23.8 on Daniel Karrenberg
To circulate a detailed proposal for the stored: attribute.

Action 23.11 on Wilfried Woeber
To initiate discussion on the mailing list about the extension of the inet-rtr: object.

Action 24.1 on RIPE NCC
To incorporate information about which addresses are allocated to which registries in the website.

Action 24.2 on Daniel Karrenberg
To make a proposal for discussion in the Database Working Group about how integrity checking of the RIPE Database should be taken up.

Action 24.3 on Daniel Karrenberg
To put his presentation on routing table growth on the RIPE FTP-server as

Action 24.4 on Willem van der Scheun
To investigate the status of the CIDR FAQ and see whether additions are needed, probably by triggering a discussion on the mailing list.

Action 24.5 on RIPE NCC, Editorial Committee
To complete the RIPE-104++ draft document and circulate it.

Action 24.6 on RIPE NCC
To produce new IP Address Space request forms in May 1996

Action 24.7 on Mike Norris
To circulate the paper on changing by registries to the TLD registries.

Action 24.8 on Daniel Karrenberg
To raise the question of removing data on European networks from the InterNIC database.