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Action Points

Action 21.3 on Daniel Karrenberg, Mike Norris
To draft a recommendation on charging by local IRs until September

Action 21.9 on Erik-Jan Bos (Wilfried Woeber)
To update the proposal "A Multicast Router in the Routing Registry" delegation process.

Action 22.12 on David Kessens
To work with A. Blasco Bonito to improve the WAIS functionality for access to the database information on

Action 22.16 on RIPE NCC
To follow up on and implement the NOC-Object.

Action 23.1 on Geert Jan de Groot
To write up recommendations for managing nameserver configurations.

Action 23.2 on RIPE NCC
To set up a mailing list for TLD administrators.

Action 23.3 on RIPE NCC
To incorporate a page where TLD policies can be published at its WWW site.

Action 23.4 on Magnus Danielson
To publish the sources of mconfig and mview and send pointers to the sources to the mailinglist.

Action 23.5 on RIPE NCC
To include a pointer to the EU-Mbone-FAQ in the RIPE WWW-server.

Action 23.6 on RIPE NCC
To organise a Local IR workshop in conjunction with RIPE24.

Action 23.7 on RIPE NCC
To include a paragraph in rpe-104++ on procedures for the reverse delegation of partially assigned class B networks.

Action 23.8 on Daniel Karrenberg
To circulate a detailed proposal for the stored: attribute.

Action 23.9 on David Kessens
To circulate a detailed proposal for the automatic handle assignment.

Action 23.10 on Wilfried Woeber and Michael H. Behringer
To initiated discussion on the mailing list about the need and possible format for a role: or noc: object.

Action 23.11 on Wilfried Woeber
To initiate discussion on the mailing list about the extension of the inet-rtr: object.