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Action Points

Action 19.12 on Marten Terpstra (to be taken over by NCC)
To write up the proposed "stored"/"processed" attribute.

Action 20.2 on Rob Blokzijl
To bring up the CERT issue during the next TERENA Contributors Committee meeting

Action 20.5 on Daniel Karrenberg
To draft outline "applications document" to support the proposed plan on how to deal with address space requests from VSE's

Action 20.10 on Havard Eidnes
To write up a proposal with input from the Local-IR WG and the EOF (European Operators Forum)

Action 20.14 on Milan Sterba
To update the Connectivity Document Store home page

Action 20.13 on Milan Sterba
To periodically send out a call to RIPE NCC contributors to publish in the Connectivity Document Store

Action 20.15 on Milan Sterba
To produce a metrics sheet for the Connectivity Document Store

Action 20.22 on Francis Dupont
To send a pointer to PIM for BSD 4.4 as soon as it is available

Action 20.24 on Daniele Bovio
To set up the matrix to keep track of the RIPE meeting actions

Action 21.1 on Daniel Karrenberg
To specify the exact format of NCC#new-request-number and send it to the local IR mailing list.

Action 21.2 on Daniel Karrenberg
To put billing information in the database.

Action 21.3 on Daniel Karrenberg, Mike Norris
To draft a recommendation on charging by local IRs until September

Action 21.4 on Mirjam Kuehne, Anne Lord
To incorporate strong recommendation regarding reverse DNS in training materials.

Action 21.5 on Leonid Yegoshin
To investigate reported DNS failure problems

Action 21.6 on David Kessens, Wilfried Woeber
To investigate the deployment of PGP for the RIPE Database and to draft a proposal.

Action 21.7 on Erik-Jan Bos
To make the new Mbone-FAQ available (with pointer to the new Mbone map)

Action 21.8 on Erik-Jan Bos, Peter Lothberg
To generate a requirement wishlist wrt. multicast routing features and send it to the IESG.

Action 21.9 on Erik-Jan Bos (Wilfried Woeber)
To update the proposal "A Multicast Router in the Routing Registry"

Action 21.10 on Erik-Jan Bos
To get in contact with Victor Reijs for a tutorial on "IGMP over ATM" and the Terena/ATM-TF

Action 21.11 on Lars-Johan Liman, Geert Jan De Groot, Erik-Jan Bos
To redesign Mbone structure for the Stockholm IETF