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Action Points

Action: 15.10 Daniel Karrenberg
To propose new tags "created" and "assigned" to the database working group for consideration - pending.

Action: 16.6 Daniel Karrenberg
Why return unused IP address space and be a good network citizen. Daniel to find volunteer to continue the work.

Action: 16.18 NCC
Try to actually get the synchronisation of the various database going, using the recently agreed DB Exchange Format. Action is dependant on the NIC handle - pending.

Action: 17.1 Glenn Kowack
Volunteered to write a paper for discussion which would focus on a future funding model for the RIPE NCC.

Action: 17.7 Wilfried Woeber, NCC
To produce the necessary documentation for the new DB software.

Action: 17.8 NCC
To update and re-circulate the RIPE-Handle proposal and then go ahead with the implementation.

Action: 17.11 NCC
Investigate and propose a syntax-checking facility for the new database software.

Action: 17.15 NCC
Propose and implement a mechanism to properly keep track of individual updates of objects and automatic merge/ modification operations.

Action: 17.17 Bernhard Stockman
Draft a new version of the EEPG Terms of Reference and distribute this on the mailing list ASAP.

Action: 17.18 Bernhard Stockman
Draft a new version of the EEPG Workplan and distribute this on the EEPG mailing list ASAP.

Action: 17.20 Oleg Tabarovsky
To collect data on external lines and restrictions applying to each line that will form part of the Russian backbone. Send details to [email protected]

Action: 17.21 Rob Blokzijl
Summarise in a paper discussions on RIPE re-org and publish before next meeting.

Action: 18.1 Daniel Karrenberg
Convey RIPE's concern at the disparity in criteria with respect to IP network number applications to the InterNIC.

Action: 18.2 NCC
Draft new standard European Internet Network Number Application Form (formerly ripe-107) in light of recommendations from the working group.

Action: 18.3 NCC
Investigate monthly publication of error files on reverse zone files, similar to the host count error files.

Action: 18.4 Mike Norris
Initiate discussion w.r.t the funding and charging for the service of a Local IR on the Local-IR discussion list and aim to summarise the discussions by way of a draft recommendation.

Action: 18.5 Wilfried Woeber
Post the CEEnet Initiative maps to the RIPE FTP server.

Action: 18.6 NCC
Set-up a mailing list for the connectivity WG.

Action: 18.7 Elise Gerich
To supply a list of keywords allowed that can be used when querying the database.

Action: 18.8 NCC
Fold in comments from routing-wg to the ripe-81++ draft, send to RIPE list and release final version - June 28th.

Action: 18.9 Cristina Vistoli, Ewald Jenisch, Michael Ernst (Hans Frese)
To convert from ripe-60 to ripe-81 before July 1st, 1994.

Action:18.10 Francis Dupont
Circulate a proposed new domain object with the list of attributes necessary, marking others optional, maybe obsolete them in the future. Update to RIPE-049.

Action: 18.11 NCC
Put A. Romao's paper "Taking Care of your Domain" into the RIPE document store as a RIPE document.

Action: 18.12 Erik-Jan Bos
Set up Workplan, Terms of Reference and Euro-FAQ, to be send to the mailing list. Tony Bates said he could help EJB on the FAQ.

Action:18.13 Erik-Jan Bos
Send to the mailing list where to find the worldwide PS file (done through these minutes).

Action: 18.14 All members of the Mbone WG
See if there is a local Mbone mailing list in your country, if not, create one and add this list to the European list, so that European information is passed on.

Action: 18.15 Erik-Jan Bos
Start up a central European Mbone FTP server.

Action: 18.16 Everyone in the Mbone WG
Send in your Mbone maps to Erik-Jan Bos.

Action: 18.17 RIPE Chairs
Promote a more aggressive "outreach" programme io introduce and encourage new service providers to join RIPE.

Action: 18.18 RIPE Chairs
Continue the RIPE restructuring discussions on the [email protected] mailing list focusing on restructuring the technical work of RIPE.

Action: 18.19 RIPE Chairs
Develop a draft model for "new-RIPE" by the next RIPE meeting in September, with the final report ready by January meeting in 1995.