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How can the IP address of a Test Box be changed?

Please send us the new IP address, netmask & default router at least two working days before the renumbering should be effective.

TT-ops will notify you when the change has been configured. When your new addressing schema is ready, press the reset button to reboot the machine. After rebooting, ping the new IP address to make sure that the box is there. Data-taking will restart automatically.

What kind of access do Test Boxes need to and from the outside world?
We require the following (see also RIPE 179).

  • ICMP
  • TCP
  • Outgoing mail (SMTP)
  • Incoming SSH (from
  • UDP
  • Incoming/outgoing NTP (port 123)
  • Incoming/outgoing DNS (local resolver)
  • Incoming/outgoing TestTraffic (ports 1024 and higher).