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Meeting Report

A report from RIPE 53 which took place from 2 - 6 October, 2006 at the Grand Krasnapolsky Hotel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The RIPE 53 Meeting took place from 2 - 6 October, 2006 at the Grand Krasnapolsky Hotel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

There were 315 attendees from 36 countries at the meeting, excluding RIPE NCC staff and including representatives from AfriNIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC and ICANN.


Highlights of RIPE 53 included:

  • The Certification Task Force and the Data Protection Task Force were launched.
  • The IP Anti-Spoofing Task Force, which was set up at RIPE 52, held its first formal session.
  • Dave Wilson of HEAnet was elected from the RIPE NCC service region to take the vacant seat on the Number Resource Organization (NRO) Number Council (NC). The election came ahead of the end of a term served by Sabine Jaume, who was elected in January 2004. Voting took place during the Plenary. 73 of the 126 people who took part voted for Dave Wilson.


euNetworks, Afilias, AMS-IX, Cisco Systems, Force10 Networks, Global Crossing, Network Hardware Resale and Nokia are thanked for the support they provided to the meeting.

Working Group Sessions: Actions and Highlights

Address Policy Working Group


  • Proposal 2005-02: 'IP Assignments for anycasting DNS' (accepted).
  • Proposal '2005-12: 4-byte AS Number Policy' (accepted).
  • Proposal '2005-08: Amend IPv6 Assignment and Utilisation Requirement' (clarification on text and move to next call).
  • Proposal '2006-02: IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy' (needs further discussion).
  • Proposal '2006-01: Provider Independent (PI) IPv6 Assignments for End Users' (discussion went back to mailing list).
  • New proposal '2006-04: Contact e-mail Address Requirements' (feedback to Jeffrey L. Scribner).
  • Proposal '2006-05: (IPv4) PI Assignment Size' (back to mailing list).
  • Proposal '2006-06: IPv4 Maximum Allocation Period' (RIPE NCC will, using the information in the RIPE Database, simulate the scenario with this policy in place over the last year).
  • Proposal '2006-07: Minimum IPv4 Assignment Window' (two opposite views. Action on RIPE NCC).


  1. Action on attendees to subscribe to the address-policy-wg mailing list.
  2. Action on RIPE NCC: Using the information in the RIPE Database, simulate the scenario with the policy proposal '2006-06: IPv4 Maximum Allocation Period' in place over the last year.
  3. Action on RIPE NCC is to get stats on the 2nd opinion requests for the "sure go ahead" advice.

Anti-Spam Working Group


  • Adiel Akplogan, CEO AfriNIC, noted that he was part of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Advisory Group. He invited any volunteers from the Anti-Spam Working Group who wanted to be part of the panel in the forthcoming IGF Workshop on spam to contact him or the RIPE NCC and provide a brief resume. The Workshop will take place during the next IGF Meeting in Athens, 30 October – 2 November 2006.
  • Adiel also called for experts interested in providing a tutorial relevant to issues associated with spam, phishing and e-mail security at the forthcoming AfriNIC Meeting, to be held from 27 November – 1 December 2006 in Mauritius.


  1. Consensus has been achieved for publishing an updated version of ripe-206 'Good Practice for Combating Unsolicited Bulk Email'. Rodney Tillotson, Anti-Spam WG Chair, will direct the RIPE NCC to publish the updated version of this document, and will send a request to the Anti-Spam Working Group for volunteers to work on future revisions to this document.

Database Working Group


  • A very interesting discussion, concerning ASN32 incorporating advice and input from Geoff Huston was held. He urged the WG to start thinking about AS32 now, and consider the very likely operational impact, even if the attendees continued to use ASN16 numbers themselves.


  1. AP53.1: WW144 reformulate the proposal to make the country attribute optional and multiple for inetnum and inet6num objects and post to the mailing list.
  2. AP53.2: RIPE NCC to check and point out this requirement to various software developers, including but not limited to: irrtoolset, quagga etc.
  3. AP53.3 RIPE NCC to make sure that if there is a "flag day" for ASN32 behaviour then the planning and introduction for this is done properly and advertised appropriately.
  4. AP53.4: WW144 alert Routing WG about the implications of the ASN16 to ASN32 transition on tools.
  5. AP53.5: WW144 wait for the formal consensus of the ENUM WG (to change the NON-REGISTRY attribute on organisation objects to OTHER) and then ask the RIPE NCC to make the change.

DNS Working Group


  • There was lively discussion of Duane Wessels' plenary presentation, especially on the question of encouraging TCP as a preferred transport for DNS to counter some of his "open issues". Most people agreed that there is a need to catalogue the various best current practice documents in the world of DNS operation.
  • Various software vendors and Internet organisations gave updates on latest developments around the DNS, focusing on the security of the DNS and DNSSEC availability and deployment.


  1. Several open action items were closed successfully, pending mailing list approval. This includes work on AAAA record anomalies in name servers and the RIPE NCC's work on lame delegations and the DNSSEC deployment in the reverse tree.
  2. The question of regular lameness checks in will be addressed by a task force formed in cooperation with the ENUM Working Group. A report is due at RIPE 54.

EIX Working Group


  • Greg Hankins from Force10 Networks gave an update about higher speed Ethernet
  • Elisa Jasinska from AMS-IX gave a presentation about the implementation of sFlow software at AMS-IX.
  • Serge Radovcic (Euro-IX Secretariat) presented an update about Euro-IX which included statistics gathered from all known IXPs in Europe.
  • There were eight short IXP update reports from AMS-IX, NDIX, DE-CIX, VIX, LINX, MIX, NIX.CZ and NETNOD.


  1. Input for the IXP Switch wishlist will be sent to the EIX mailing list. A new draft will be posted on the mailing list by Mike Hughes. Hopefully the document will be adopted during RIPE 54.
  2. Mike Hughes will request a schedule change in the meeting plan at the WG Chairs' meeting. He will try to get the two hour block on Wednesday afternoon, because the 90 minutes of the current session is regularly used up.

ENUM Working Group

Action Points:

  1. 53.1: RIPE NCC to look into the sources of the "strange queries" Brett Carr reported on during his presentation.
  2. 53.2: Carsten Schiefner to follow up on ENUM lameness checks by the RIPE NCC.
  3. 53.3: Niall O'Reilly to alert ENUM WG, DB WG and NCC Services WG about the value 'NON-REGISTRY' for the type attribute in organisation objects to be changed to 'OTHER'.

IP Anti-Spoofing Task Force


  • There was lively discussion on the content of the RIPE Recommendation, How-To document and the Business Case
  • The Chairs encouraged anyone with experience of IP Anti-Spoofing in a customer environment to share their knowledge.


  1. Action RIPE NCC: Ask Luca Deri to perform a spoofer implementation.
  2. Action RIPE NCC: Publish some analysis of the spoofer data.

IPv6 Working Group


  1. 53.1 RIPE NCC to work on IPv6 routing table status constant monitoring.
  2. 53.2 Talk to George Michaelson about the measurements of 6-to-4 reverse lookups (David).
  3. 53.3 Add info on the website regarding Gert's and Geoff's websites (David).
  4. 53.4 Give input to the RIPE NCC in order to publish a list on IPv6 address ranges being used for special purposes e.g. PI, IXP (David and Gert).

RIPE NCC Services Working Group


  • Axel Pawlik, Managing Director RIPE NCC, presented the RIPE NCC vision and focus for 2007.


  1. The RIPE NCC will investigate enabling its e-mail servers to support TLS and will report back at RIPE 54.

Routing Working Group


  • A proposal for a RIPE document on route aggregation was presented by Philip Smith, Cisco. It was previously discussed on the mailing list. There were a few minor comments and some further discussion will be done on the mailing list.
  • Vince Fuller presented projections and associated concerns about routing table size issues related to IPv6 routing and multihoming.
  • Massimo Rimondini gave a short presentation on his work with Tiziana Refice on RPSL analysis.


  • There were no actions.

Test Traffic Working Group


  • Luca Deri demonstrated and talked about a prototype for measuring performance of consumers' broadband connections.
  • Henk Uijterwaal, RIPE NCC, presented the RIPE NCC's ideas on future directions for the Test Traffic Measurements service.


  • There were no actions.

RIPE NCC Services Centre

The RIPE NCC Service Centre was open to all meeting attendees. It enabled members and non-members to interact with RIPE NCC Staff from the Registration Services, Finance, Training and Technical departments.

Meet & Greet

First-time attendees were able to sign-up for Meet & Greet, a RIPE NCC service that introduces RIPE Meeting newcomers to the meeting format, to key attendees from the RIPE community and to the various socials throughout the week.

RIPE NCC General Meeting

The RIPE NCC General Meeting was held on Thursday 5 October, adjacent to the RIPE 53 Meeting. There were 40 attendees, excluding RIPE NCC staff and non-voting observers. During the GM, members approved the RIPE NCC Budget and Charging Scheme 2007.

Next RIPE Meeting: RIPE 54

RIPE 54 will be held in Tallinn, Estonia 7 - 11 May 2007.