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Action Points

Action: 15.10  Daniel  Karrenberg  To  propose  new  tags  "created"  and
"assigned" to the database working group for consideration - pending

Action: 16.6 Daniel Karrenberg Why return unused IP address space and be
a good network citizen. Daniel to find volunteer to continue the work.

Action: 16.17 Jean-Michel Jouanigot To coordinate the transition from
ripe-060 to ripe-081 format for routing description

Action: 16.18 NCC Try to actually get the synchronisation of the various
database going, using the recently agreed DB Exchange Format. Action is
pending and dependant on the NIC handle.

Action: 16.21 Milan Sterba, Anne Lord Produce the umbrella document for
the CDS.

Action: 16.22 Milan Sterba Solicit contributions to the CDS

Action: 16.23 Milan Sterba, NCC Create the cds-editor _at_ ripe _dot_ net alias and
establish procedures to integrate new CDS contributions and maps to the

Action:17.1 Glenn Kowack Volunteered to write a paper for discussion
which would focus on a future funding model for the RIPE NCC.

Action: 17.2 Daniel Karrenberg Propose (guarded) RIPE database object
representing a local registry, mail to local-ir and db wg.

Action: 17.3 Wilfried Woeber Propose a representation address space
assignment/reservation status.

Action: 17.4 Wilfried Woeber Propose a graphical representation address
space assignment/reservation status.

Action: 17.5 Daniel Karrenberg Ask IANA for a default range of AS numbers
(65530-65535 or so) in the line of the network-10 proposal.

Action: 17.6 NCC To organise local-ir workshop for the 18th RIPE meeting.

Action: 17.7 Wilfried Woeber, NCC To produce the necessary documentation
for the new DB software.

Action: 17.8 NCC To update and re-circulate the RIPE-Handle proposal and
then go ahead with the implementation.

Action: 17.9 NCC To update and re-circulate the Guarded Fields proposal
and then go ahead with the implementation.

Action: 17.10 NCC To investigate and propose facilities for a "template-
mode" to support the maintaining database objects.

Action: 17.11 NCC Investigate and propose a syntax-checking facility for
the new database software.

Action: 17.12 Henk Steenman To update and re-circulate the "dom-prefix:"

Action: 17.13 NCC To implement the CLNS Routing Object.

Action: 17.14 Francis Dupont DNS group to review the Domain Object and
come up with either a recommendation for retirement or with an updated

Action: 17.15 NCC Propose and implement a mechanism to check the current
state of the database with regard to garbage-collection and merging of
guarding values.

Action: 17.16 NCC Propose and implement a mechanism to properly keep
track of individual updates of objects and automatic merge/modification

Action: 17.17 Bernhard Stockman Draft a new version of the EEPG Terms of
Reference and distribute this on the mailing list ASAP.

Action: 17.18 Bernhard Stockman Draft a new version of the EEPG Workplan
and distribute this on the EEPG mailing list ASAP.

Action: 17.19 Erik-Jan Bos To coordinate work relating to the new RIPE
Mbone working group for the next RIPE meeting

Action: 17.20 Oleg Tabarovsky To collect data on external lines and res-
trictions applying to each line that will form part of the Russian back-
bone. Send details to <oleg _at_ _dot_ net>

Action: 17.21 NCC Announce "Support of Guarded attributes in the RIPE
database" as a RIPE document.

Action: 17.22 RIPE NCC To implement the AS macros.

Action: 17.23 Daniel Karrenberg Write a proposal on including an "advice"
tag in the AS object.

Action: 17.24 Laurent Joncheray To circulate a paper to routing wg on
including the AS Path concept in ripe-081.

Action: 17.25 NCC, Juliana Tamorri To make FAQ on CIDR by Juliana avail-
able in the RIPE document store.

Action: 17.26 Rob Blokzijl, NCC create new mailing list to enable reor-
ganisation of RIPE discussions to continue and announce to the ripe-list.

Action: 17.27 ripe-chairs Summarise in a paper discussions on RIPE re-org
and publish before next meeting.