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RIPE Programme Committee Biographies


Alexander Azimov

Term ends: RIPE 87

Alexander Azimov is a Network Expert for Yandex, where he focuses on the network monitoring, routing security and transport layer architecture.

Alexander also has an active role in the IETF where he co-authors several Internet-Drafts.


Doris Hauser

Doris Hauser

Term ends: RIPE 90

I’m Doris Hauser, aka. Dodo, currently working at, the Austrian registry, as a Linux sysadmin (mainly) with a bit of networking and scripting/programming (bash/python mostly).

I started getting into computers at a young age, starting with games on DOS computers, then joining a technical high school in Vienna when I was 14 years old. Afterwards I made my bachelor’s degree in IT Security at a university of applied sciences in lower Austria.

My bachelor thesis was about the security of smart sex toys (or rather the lack thereof), with a focus on privacy issues in the smartphone apps of said toys.

Dmitry Kohmanyuk

Term ends: RIPE 87

Dmitry Kohmanyuk graduated in 1992 from the Cybernetics Department of Kiev Taras Shevchenko University in Kiev (then Soviet Union, presently Ukraine), receiving a Masters Degree with honors.

He now resides in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine and works as Chief of Strategy of Hostmaster Ltd, the registry for the .UA domain. He actively participates in the Internet community, attending local, regional and international forums, including RIPE, CENTR, ICANN, IGF and other meetings.

Dmitry speaks Ukrainian, Russian, and English (with a small set of Dutch words if needed.)

Dmitry has direct operational experience with networked Unix systems and router equipment, co-founding and running one of first Ukrainian ISPs back in 1991 (Communication Systems). His work included several technology start-up companies in the United States in the role of systems administrator, developer support and operations. He can write code and shell scripts, was a co-author of RFC 2319 and participated in the Ukrainian Unix Users Group.

He has been directly involved with Ukrainian ccTLD registration and operation since 1996, in both non-commerical and commerical forms, and continuously represented ccTLD with IANA. He sits on the board of Hostmaster. In the last two years, the local policy development process has restarted, community service has improved, IDNs have launched and operational migration to IPv6 was completed, as well as DNSSEC launch in March 2012.

Non-profit work includes IPv6 as well as DNSSEC promotion in the region, participating in UA-IX as a member of the technical committee and speaking with press to communicate about Internet technology, security and privacy issues. Two IGF-UA forums in Ukraine in 2010 and 2011 were organised with support from Dmitry and Hostmaster.


Brian Nisbet – PC Vice Chair, RIPE Working Group Chair Representative

Brian Nisbet is the RIPE Working Group Chairs representative on the RIPE Programme Committee. He has been active in the RIPE community since RIPE 48 and he currently co-chairs the Anti-Abuse Working Group. His day job is Network Operations Manager for HEAnet, the Irish NREN, where he mostly makes sure the packets are flowing in the right direction.


Antonio Prado

Term ends: RIPE 89

An open source enthusiast, Antonio Prado is currently the Chief Technology Officer at AS59715, a local government body in Italy. He has been active in IT since 1993 and was an early adopter of IPv6.

A former MANRS ambassador and MANRS Steering Committee member, he recently co-authored the book “BGP, from theory to practice”, already available in Italian, to be published in English by the end of 2022.


Moin Rahman

Term ends: RIPE 89

Moin is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Computer Security. He has 16+ years of professional experience running Network Operators in the Asia Pacific region. Before starting his Masters; he has been an active Community Member in the Asia Pacific region. He has joined and presented in multiple regional NOGs in AP region including APNIC, APRICOT, SANOG. He has also been a member of the PC for these conferences and recently have also chaired the APNIC54 PC. He is also an avid Community Trainer for APNIC and has conducted training on various topics including Network Security, System Administrations and IPv4/IPv6 Routing for the last 6+ years.

He is a big enthusiast and advocate of The FreeBSD Project. For more than 7 years now he has been a regular contributor and committer for ports/docs ([email protected]). His primary interest is with ports but also contributes in the docs automation and the CI builds of the FreeBSD src tree.

When he is not doing anything he is in the mountains of Nepal for mountaineering or trail biking.

Khalid Samara - MENOG Representative

Khalid is a telecommunications and ISP expert with extensive experience in Internet, mobile, engineering and security technologies. He has acquired over a decade of experience in network planning, operations management, security and telecommunications policy development.

Khalid currently serves as PC Chair of the Middle East Network Operators Group (MENOG), an international forum dedicated to elevating communication and awareness about Internet best practices. Having been actively involved in providing consultation and advice to ISPs in the Middle East and Arab region, Khalid concentrates specifically on network strategies, design, Internet technology, and operations, as well as configuration and training. He has played a major role in training Middle East ISP and network engineers through MENOG roadshows and conferences.

Khalid is based in Jordan. Prior to his current role with ORANGE Telecom in the field of information security, he worked extensively with several regional and international telecom/ISP operators and has come to be considered a well-known face in the Internet industry in the Middle East.


Massimiliano Stucchi

Term ends: RIPE 88

Massimiliano “Max” Stucchi joined the Internet Society in 2019 as Technical Advisor for the European Bureau. His previous experiences are as a trainer and IPv6 Programme Manager at the RIPE NCC, and before that he was the founder and technical director of a small Internet Service Provider and Wireless Internet Service Provider in Northern Italy.

Max is a long time Unix fellow, with a specific love for FreeBSD and OpenBSD, which he’s been using for around 20 years now. His interest also cover BGP, Routing Security, DNS and of course, IPv6. If possible, he tries to contribute to the development of these technologies by participating in the IETF.

In his past, Max used to be an official football referee for the Italian Football Federation, but he quit when he moved to the Netherlands for work. Now, when he’s not in front of a keyboard, you can find him trying to get back in shape by running or racing remotely controlled cars.

Max speaks Italian, English, French, and is trying to improve his German.

He is based near Zurich, Switzerland.


Wolfgang Tremmel

Term ends: RIPE 88

After completing his degree at Karlsruhe University, Wolfgang started working as a network engineer in 1994. He went on to become head of network operations and peering manager at a range of ISPs.

In 2006, Wolfgang joined DE-CIX as Director Customer Support, a position he held for ten years. Since 2016, Wolfgang has been head of the DE-CIX Academy, making sure customers understand how BGP and other routing protocols work.


Clara Wade

Clara Wade

Term ends: RIPE 90

I got introduced to the community five years ago in a peculiar way. I was only 22 years old, working at an online escrow company from its Buenos Aires office when IPv4 address transactions were becoming more urgent and frequent as the run-out was happening.

It became my passion project to make sure the process was as safe as possible and meeting people in the community that were committed to building a stable and sustainable Internet only emphasised the importance of the work being done here.

Since 2022, I have been helping develop the IP address strategy at AWS, where I am also an inclusion ambassador. Having attended multiple NOGs and RIR meetings across four regions, and being a member of the NANOG DEI committee, I love connecting with people from different parts of the world and have seen first-hand the impact that contributing to this community can have. 

Jan Žorž - PC Vice Chair, SEE Representative

Jan ŽoržJan Žorž is a VP of 6connect Labs, working on the development of various protocols and network solutions to accelerate the global deployment of IPv6.

Active in the RIPE community as a RIPE PC member, Jan is also SEE RIPE regional meeting chairman and a founder and a chair of SINOG, the Slovenian Network Operators Group. Several IETF RFCs author and one of the founders and member of the board of GNA (Global NOG Alliance). Jan is also active in its "Keep Ukraine Connected" initiative.

Previously worked with the Internet Society and served as a CEO of Go6 Institute Slovenia. Jan is based in Slovenia, EU.

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