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Working Group Agendas

Local IR Working Group Draft Agenda

           RIPE 32 - 26th to 29th January 1999
                   Local IR Working Group
                 D R A F T     A G E N D A

 1.  Admin
        - scribe
          - participant list
        - agenda 
        - meet the RIPE NCC hostmasters
          - mailinglists

 2.  RIPE 31
        - minutes
        - actions

 3.  Reports from registries
        - European regional (RIPE NCC)
        - other regionals
                - APNIC, ARIN, AfriNIC

 4.   Auditing Activity (by Paula)

 5.   IPv6 Assignment and Allocation Policy Document
        (short summary by Paula)

 6.  Statistics
        - reverse DNS counts, quality

 7.  I/O with other WGs

10.  AOB

Routing / MBone

The chairs of the Routing WG and MBone WG agreed to merge the WG slots into one from 9:00 until 12:30 in Room-2. The intention is to integrate the Mbone-issues into the Routing-WG responsibility.

TLD Working Group Meeting

        1. Administrivia (09:00, 10 mins) 

           1.1 recognition of Scribe  

           1.2 agreement of Agenda  

        2. Matters arising from RIPE 31 TLD-WG meeting (09:10, 10 mins) 

           2.1 adoption of minutes RIPE 29

           2.2 adoption of minutes RIPE 30 

           2.3 adoption of minutes RIPE 31 

           2.3 review of action list

        3. Review Workplan (09:20, 10 mins) 

           Workplan is due for formal review at each WG meeting. 

           Many workplan items have received attention from RIPE-CENTR. 

           Proposals for change and/or (re-) prioritization should 

           be submitted before the meeting, please.

        4. Whois referral feature (09:30, 30 mins) 

           DB-WG: Presentation (Joao Luis Silva Damas) and discussion 
        5. RIPE-CENTR Progress (10:00, 30 mins) 

           Report (Fay Howard) and discussion 

           -- Break (10:30) --

        6. ICANN/DNSO Update (11:00, 60 mins) 

           Report (Fay Howard) and discussion 

           Additional participants will be welcome to join at this point!

        7. AOB (12:00, 5 mins) 

        8. Conclusions (12:05, 20 mins) 
           8.1 revisit workplan priorities  
           8.2 summarize action list  
           -- Close for Lunch (12:25) --

Find additional information at the Top Level Domain Working Group homepage.

IPv6 Working Group Meeting

Proposed Agenda (draft v1) for the IPv6 Working Group Meeting

RIPE32, Januari 1999, Amsterdam

A.  Administrative stuff (David Kessens, chair, 5min)
    - appointment of scribe
    - agenda bashing

B.  Selection of chair

C.  Status of 6bone (David Kessens)

D.  6REN - first IPv6 production network 
    (David Kessens, presentation originally from Bob Fink)

E.  IPv6 allocation progress (RIPE NCC)


Database Working Group Meeting

                     RIPE-32, January 1999, Amsterdam
                                 2. Draft

  A.  Administrative stuff (Wilfried Woeber, chair)

        - appointment of scribe
        - agenda bashing

  B.  RIPE DB, operational update (RIPE NCC)
        - statistics, performance, changes, most recent mod.s
        - RPSL migration update, usage
        - documentation update

  C.  PGP deployment in the RIPE DB (RIPE NCC: Roman)
        - current status of delpoyment, feedback

  D.  DB SW Re-implementation (RIPE NCC: Joao)
        - status, milestones/roadmap, resources required/available

  E.  Migration to the new SW
        - operational aspects
        - proposal to *not* migrate obsoleted objects and attributes
                . dom-prefix
                . any others?

  F.  I-D draft-ietf-rps-auth-01, -rps-dist-?? (??)
        - RIPE region requirements/comments
        - any progress

  G.  Handling of person: & role: objects
        - proposal to auto-generate handles for objects without
        - proposal to *not* allow re-use of handles, pro.s and con.s
        - proposal to force-add maintainers for contact objects
        - operational issues, e.g. sharing maintenance of an object
        - impact on tools or scripts?

  H.  Review of referral mechanism
        (this might go to Input from other WGs)

  X.  IETF report(s) (??)

  Y.  Input from other WGs
        - Review of referral mechanism
                (might be promoted to be an agenda item in it's own right)
        - Tagging IP-Address ranges as Dial-In
                (proposal by Poul-Henning Kamp )
        - t.b.d.

  Z.  AOB

Anti-Spam Working Group Agenda

RIPE32  Anti-Spam Working Group Agenda
Thursday, 28th January 1999
09:00 - 10:30

1.      Administrivia
        - Appointment of Scribe
        - New WG Chair (please!)
        - Agenda Bashing

2.      Short presentation on EU Directive on Electronic Commerce
        - George W. Mills,
          European Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email

3       General WG input:
        - Changes since the last meeting
        - Current problems, major incident reports, etc
        - Current "solutions" in use, etc
        - Dealing with the "roaming" customer
        - Other implications of blocking/filtering SMTP traffic

4       Code of Conduct for ISPs:
        - Customer Terms and Conditions/AUP/...
        - Response to incident reports
        - Coordination of open relay removal (ISP/customer relationship)
        - Existing documents (LINX, others?) as a starting point for a
          RIPE BCP document
        - Core team to start work on this document ASAP

5       Centre for European Network Abuse Resolution (CENAR):
        - General discussion

6       I/O with other RIPE WGs
        - DB/LIR : Flagging dialup address blocks in the RIPE Database

7       AOB

Draft agenda for the RIPE32 netnews-wg meeting

Draft agenda for the RIPE32 netnews-wg meeting

Date:           Thursday January 28, 1999, 9:00-10:30
Location:       Krasnapolsky, Room 3
Chair:          Felix Kugler

0.  starters
    o agenda bashing
    o scribe
    o minutes of the last meeting

1.  review of outstanding actions

2.  Newsbone
    o implications of recent European network topology changes
    o measurement of IP connection quality

3.  flowmap project
    o status
    o plans

4.  groupsync - newsgroup synchronization
    o the original proposal
    o the RIPE31 proposal: - documentation
                           - what has really been achieved so far?
    o essential functionality
    o project organization

5.  next meeting...
    o actions
    o new topics of interest for this WG
6.  AOB