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  1. Opening
  2. Minutes of the last meeting and review of action list
  3. RIPE NCC Report
  4. Joint Projects progress
  5. RIPE NCC Review
  6. RIPE NCC Activity Plan
  7. RIPE and RARE
  8. Network Resource Discovery
  9. How do we ensure a good working European Internet in 1995?
  10. Update on the new JIPS services
  11. Update on EMPB services
  12. Update on EBONE
  13. Update on EUnet
  14. Update on SPRINT infrastructure support
  15. RIPE European Internet Architecture WG
  16. Introduction of DANTE
  17. Update on networking with Russia
  18. Reports from the parallel sessions
  19. Next RIPE meetings
  20. A.O.B.
  21. Closing