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How do I change my "abuse-c:" attribute to reference a different role object?

Note: You do not need to update the "abuse-c:" attribute in order to update the email address used for your abuse contact. To change the email address, you simply need to update the role object. See this FAQ about how to do that.

However, you might wish to change the "abuse-c:" attribute itself. For example, you might want to change the role object that your "abuse-c:" references. Please ensure you do the following when updating your "abuse-c:" attribute:

RIPE NCC members:

  • Make sure you have set up the default maintainer for your LIR
  • Update your organisation object using any RIPE Database update method you prefer

PI assignments, ASNs and PA created out of your allocation:

  • Search for your organisation in the Webupdates tool
  • Update the referenced role object in the "abuse-c:" attribute