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Application Form

You’re viewing an archived page. It is no longer being updated.

If you want to obtain TTM services for a box already hosted by you, please fill out this application sheet. After you pressed the submit button, your request will be forwarded to the RIPE NCC.

The RIPE NCC will then send you a customized version of The General Terms to the RIPE-NCC Test Traffic Measurements Service and Test-Box Purchase. Please sign this document and return them to the RIPE NCC.

After we have received the signed copies, we will work with you to upload the software and start measurements.

Should you have any concerns during this process, please contact us at

Before filling out this form, please read the accompanying documents:

1.1. General Information

Name of organization:
Legal Form:
Registered Office,
Person filling out this form:
Email address

1.2. Repeat order?

Does your organization already host a test-box for which a service contract has been signed, or has it already applied for one?


If you answered yes to this question, you may skip questions 1.3 through 1.5. We will assume that the information currently in our data-base is correct. If anything has to be changed, please fill out the approriate fields.

1.3. Contact person.

This should be the name of the person coordinating the TTM effort at your site and his contact information. This address will be used for general issues, day to day operational requests will be sent to the technical contact address.
Contact person:
Contact person RIPE-handle:
Optional, but if you enter a RIPE handle, the other fields for this item can be left blank.
Contact email address
Contact phone number
Contact fax number
Contact address:

Billing contact person.

The information in this section will be used for sending invoices and such.
Billing contact person:
Billing person RIPE-handle:
Optional, but if you enter a RIPE handle, the other fields for this item can be left blank.
Billing contact email address
Billing contact phone number
Billing contact fax number
Billing contact address:
Additional remarks:

1.4. Local Technical Contact

The information filled out in this field will be used for day-to-day operational issues regarding the test-box. We strongly prefer to have the address of your noc or operations group, instead of a single person.
Name of local contact person(s):
Optional, but if you enter a RIPE handle, the other fields for this item can be left blank.
Email address:
Phone Number:
Fax number
Technical contact address:

1.5. Shipping Information

Shipping address:
Shipping instructions:
  • No Preference
  • DHL
  • SkyNet
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • Use our customer number:

    1.6. Contract information

    Antenna Kit: Trimble Acutime with RIPE NCC Interface board (click here for details.
    Charging Option:

    The purchase price does not include 19% BTW (Dutch VAT). If you supply a current EU VAT number, then VAT will not be charged. Other sites may be eligible for a refund of the VAT. For sites operating more than 1 box, the service element of the fee is reduced.

    EU VAT Number:

    Optional information for EU sites only.

    Shipping Costs: Shipping costs vary from address to address and will be charged separately.

    2. Technical Information

    The section numbers on the remainder of this form refer to the sections in ripe-168.

    2.1. Rack Space

    Rack space available?

    2.2. Antenna

    Suitable antenna position available?
    Estimated Maximum Cable Length: meters
    Estimated time needed to
    install the antenna:
    Remarks/Special requirements:

    2.3. Network Topology

    Describe your local network situation:
    Type or cut and paste the information into the box. If this is impractical or if you want to send drawings or the like, please send them by email.

    2.6. Addresses, Routing

    IPv4 address for the test box:
    IPv4 netmask for the test box:
    IPv4 address of Default Gateway:
    IPv6 address for the test box:
    IPv6 prefixlength for the test box:
    IPv6 address of Default Gateway:

    2.8. Disclosure of Data

    Check the box after you have read the section on disclosure of data.

    2.10. Telnet port for local monitoring

    IP-address(-range) for
    monitoring machines:

    3. Send Application

    After you have filled out the form, press the "Check" button to check the data that you have just entered, after that a customized version of the form for you to sign will be created.

    There is no deadline for applying.

    Press the "Clear" button to clear the form and start all over again.