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Articles with RIS Analysis

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Here we list links to various projects analysing the RIS data. If you are using RIS data or have published a paper that used it, please send us a message and you will be added to this list.
The Curious Case of 128.0/16

The prefix 128.0/16 is filtered in Juniper devices up to and including JUNOS software version 11.1. We looked at three ways to get a rough estimate on how much filtering of 128.0/16 is going on on the Internet.

RIPE NCC and Duke University BGP Experiment

On 27 August 2010, the RIPE NCC's Routing Information Service (RIS) was involved in an experiment using optional attributes in the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). As a result of this experiment, a small, but significant percentage of global Internet traffic was disrupted for a period of about 30 minutes. The following article provides some background information on the experiment itself and its effect on the network.

SCW BGP Routing Table Analysis

A network tool developed at SCW Telecom by Herbert Faleiros. Cross-checks BGP routing data with IRR and RIR data. Also available over IPv6. Including a BGP update report for Brazilian networks.

Range Trees with Variable Length Comparisons (PDF)

15th IEEE Workshop on High Performance Switching and Routing (HPSR), Paris, France, June 2009.


A network audit tool developped at UCLA by Ricardo Oliveira, Mohit Lad and Lixia Zhang, which uses RIS data among other sources. April 2009.

YouTube Hijacking: A RIPE NCC RIS case study

On Sunday, 24 February 2008, Pakistan Telecom (AS17557) started an unauthorised announcement of the prefix One of Pakistan Telecom's upstream providers, PCCW Global (AS3491) forwarded this announcement to the rest of the Internet, which resulted in the hijacking of YouTube traffic on a global scale. In this report we show how the events were seen by RIPE NCC's Routing Information Service (RIS) and how, in general, one can use the RIS tools to obtain hard data on network events.

An Active Approach to Measuring Routing Dynamics Induced by Autonomous Systems (PDF)

S. Lo, R. K. C. Chang and L. Colitti, "An Active Approach to Measuring Routing Dynamics Induced by Autonomous Systems (PDF) ", in Proceedings of the Workshop on Experimental Computer Science (ExpCS).

Quantifying Path Exploration in the Internet (PDF)

by Ricardo Oliveira, Beichuan Zhang, Dan Pei, Rafit Izhak-Ratzin and Lixia Zhang. Used the RIS beacons for gathering data.

PHAS: a prefix hijack alert system (PDF)

by Mohit Lad, Dan Massey, Dan Pei, Yiguo Wu, Beichuan Zhang and Lixia Zhang. Uses data collected by RIS and Oregon Route views to feed PHAS, an alert system similar to MyASn.

Measurement of Highly Active Prefixes in BGP (PPT)

by Ricardo V. Oliveira, Rafit Izhak-Ratzin, Beichuan Zhang and Lixia Zhang. Used the RIS beacons updates for analysis.