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Monday, 2 May 2005

Time Presentation Media
13:15-14:00 Newcomers' Intro mp3
14:00-15:30 Plenary (IRC Log) mp4
  ASNs Missing in Action
René Wilhelm, RIPE NCC
  The RIPE Database, Version 1
Daniel Karrenberg, RIPE NCC
  IPv6 Quality of Service Measurement
Alessandro Bassi, Hitachi Europe SAS
  How to set an Internet2 LSR
Anders Magnusson, SUNET
16:00-17:30 Plenary (IRC Log) n/a
  Signposts in Cyberspace
Patrik Fältström
  Internet in Sweden around RIPE-1
Patrik Fältström, PAF
  Evolution of DSL access
Mikael Lind, TeliaSonera
  Extensions to the ripe-dbase Whois software
Tobias Cremer, Cable & Wireless
17:00 Peering Game mp4

Tuesday, 3 May 2005

Time Presentation Media
09:00-10:30 Plenary (IRC Log) mp4
  Anycast and BGP Stability
Daniel Karenberg, RIPE NCC
  Providing a National Timescale to users of electronic communication trough a neutral exchange point using NTP
Peter Löthberg, Stupi
11:00-12:30 Plenary (IRC Log) mp4
  DDoS Detection & Mitigation Experience @ ACOnet
Christian Panigl, Vienna University
  Watch your Flows with NfSen and NFDUMP
Peter Haag, Switch
  Attack Fingerprint Sharing: The Need for Automation of Inter-Domain Information Sharing
Danny McPherson, Arbor
14:00-15:30 Plenary (IRC Log) mp4
  RFC2547 Convergence: Characterization and Optimization
Clarence Filsfils, Cisco Systems
  UUCP Mapping
Jaap Akkerhuis
16:00-17:30 Plenary (IRC Log) mp4
  What happened to IPMulticast?
Greg Shepherd, Cisco Systems
  Impressions An overview of the global IPv6 routing table
Gert Döring, SpaceNet
Danny McPherson, Arbor
  DNS / TCP 53
Darrel Lewis, Cisco Systems

Wednesday, 4 May 2005

Time Presentation Media
09:00-10:30 Plenary (IRC Log) mp4
  From IPv6 testbeds to large scale deployments
Graça Carvalho, Cisco Systems
  Operational Considerations of Mobile Networks at 10,000 meters
Brian L. Skeen, Connexion Boeing
  UK Network Operators' Forum (UKNOF)
Keith Mitchell
11:00-12:30 Plenary (IRC Log) mp4
  Aggregation (?)
Philip Smith
  BGP Flap Damping
Philip Smith
  INOC-DBA - Hotline Phone System
Gaurab Raj Upadhaya, Packet Clearing House
  DNSSEC Deployment Panel Discussion
Jaap Akkerhuis
14:00-15:30 Plenary (IRC Log) mp4
  ICANN Announcement
Lars-Johan Liman
  AfriNIC Update
Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC
  APNIC Status Report
Save Vocea, APNIC
  ARIN Status Report
Ray Plzak, ARIN
Ricardo Patara, LACNIC
  Global Policy Update
Filiz Yilmaz, RIPE NCC
  Internet Number Resource Status Report
Filiz Yilmaz, RIPE NCC
  RIPE NCC Number Update
Leo Vegoda, RIPE NCC
  Where did all those IPv6 addresses go?
Geoff Huston, APNIC
  A commentary on the ITU-T proposal for national address registries for IPv6
Geoff Huston, APNIC
16:00-17:30 Plenary (IRC Log) mp4
  Auto-Detecting Hijacked Prefixes?
Geoff Huston, APNIC
  Consumer Broadband Performance in the “Last Mile”
Tempora mutantur ...
Niall O’Reilly, UCD Computing Services
  Monitoring high-speed networks using ntop
Luca Deri,

Thursday, 5 May 2005

Time Presentation Media
09:00-10:30 Routing WG (IRC Log) mp4
  RIS Update
Andrei Robachevsky, RIPE NCC
  All this garbage... What sort of IPv6 BGP filters are useful?
Gert Döring, SpaceNet
  Active BGP Probing
Lorenzo Colitti, Roma Tre University
09:00-10:30 Database WG (IRC Log) mp3
  RIPE Database Update
Shane Kerr, RIPE NCC
  Abuse contact implementation in the RIPE Whois Database
Katie Petrusha, RIPE NCC
11:00-12:30 DNS WG 1 (IRC Log) mp4
  48.1 and 49.1 Status Update
Peter Koch, DENIC e.G.
  Yet another update on the AAAA lookup problem
David Malone, presented by Dave Wilson
  DNS recommendations and procedure during IP migrations
Fernando García Fernández, Eurocomercial
  Delegation only option 49.3
Jaap Akkerhuis
  K root anycast
Andrei Robachevsky, RIPE NCC
  DNSEXT update
Olaf M. Kolkman, RIPE NCC
  IETF-62 DNSOP Report
Lars-Johan Liman, Autonomica
  BIND and F root update
João Damas, ISC
  LDAP back-end for BIND9 - schema and tools
Stig Venaas, uninett
11:00-12:30 EIX WG (IRC Log) 1. mp3
2. mp3
Fearghas McKay, UNION-IXP
  Gigapix Update @ RIPE-50
Carlos Friaças, Gigapix
  Equinix IXP Update
Jay Adelson, Equinix
  NaMeX Internet Exchange
Daniele Arena, NaMeX
Josef Chomyn, NIX.CZ
Dietmar Hoelscher, NDIX
  IXP Switching Wishlist v3
Mike Hughes, LINX
  LINX News
Mike Hughes, LINX
  Update DE-CIX
Bernhard Krönung, DE-CIX
Kurtis Lindqvist, Netnod
  Benefits of Using the Routing Registry and Related Tools
Vesna Manojlovic, RIPE NCC
  AMS-IX Update
Cara Mascini, AMS-IX
Martin McDermott
  The Great (Public vs. Private) Peering Debate
William B. Norton, Equinix
  The Vienna Internet eXchange
Christian Panigl, Vienna University
  Euro-IX update
Serge Radovcic, Euro-IX
Akio Sugeno, Telehouse
14:00-15:30 Address Policy WG (IRC Log) mp4
  Proposal Summaries
Hans Petter Holen
  Changes to initial IPv6 allocation criteria
Andy Furnell, LINX
  IPv6 Requests & Queries
Leo Vegoda, RIPE NCC
  IANA to RIR IPV6 Allocation Proposal
Ray Plzak, ARIN
  HD ratio consequences
Geoff Huston, APNIC
14:00-15:30 ENUM WG (IRC Log) mp3
  UK ENUM Update
Jim Reid
  ENUM Validation in +43
Otmar Lendl,
  Status of ENUM in Sweden
Joakim Strålmark, PTS (NRA)
  +353 ENUM Status
Niall O'Reilly, UCD Computing Services
  ETSI ENUM Plugtest
Jim Reid
14:00-15:30 TT WG (IRC Log) mp3
  TTM Status
Henk Uijterwaal, RIPE NCC
  Improving Time Measurement in TTM
Thomas Wana, RIPE NCC
16:00-17:00 NCC Services WG (IRC Log) mp4
  Report from the RIPE NCC
Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC
  RIPE NCC New LIR Survey
Paul Rendek, RIPE NCC
Timur Bakeyev, RIPE NCC

Friday, 6 May 2005

Time Presentation Media
09:00-10:30 DNS WG 2 (IRC Log) mp4
  Reverse DNS Update
Olaf M. Kolkman, RIPE NCC
Jakob Schlyter, NIC-SE
  Using In-bailiwick Nameservers in .ARPA
Masato Minda, Japan Registy Services
  An Overview of Some DNS Research
Suzanne Woolf, ISC
  Dynamic Registry Updates
Jay Daley, Nominet (not presented)
09:00-10:30 IPv6 WG (IRC Log) mp3
  IPv6 Renumbering
Stig Venaas, University of Southampton
  Re-visiting the /48 boundary
Thomas Narten
  New Operational IPv6 mailing list
Gert Döring
Francis Dupont, ENST Bretagne
  European IPv6 Task-Forces
Carlos Friaças, FCCN
  IPv6 Work @ the Portuguese NREN
Carlos Friaças, FCCN
09:00-10:30 Anti-Spam WG (IRC Log) mp3
11:00-12:30 Plenary (IRC Log) mp4
  ICANN ASO Address Council, NRO Number Council
Hans Petter Holen