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RIPE NCC Open House: IPv6-Only Networks

Tuesday, 4 May | 08:00 - 09:30 UTC | 10:00 - 11:30 CEST

IPv6 Only Networks image

What are the challenges when deploying an IPv6-only network and what has the experience been like?

It's been a while now since the RIPE NCC reached the end of its IPv4 address pool. The only way to get more IPv4 space now is through transfers. It isn't cheap and background checks are always required to make sure the IPv4 address space is usable. For most new networks that want to connect to the Internet and the existing networks that plan to grow in the future, IPv6 is becoming the best option. For some operators, it’s the only option! IPv6-only networks are becoming more common.

Join us for this RIPE NCC Open House with two IPv6 experts who know all about deploying IPv6-only solutions - Jordi Palet from The IPv6 Company and Richard Patterson from Sky UK. They will talk about their experiences with 464XLAT and MAP as transition mechanisms to connect their IPv6-only networks with the existing IPv4 Internet.

Jordi and Richard will answer your questions about the challenges and lessons learned during their deployments.



Jordi Palet, The IPv6 Company: Jordi has contributed to IETF and RIR policies since 2001, mainly on topics related to IPv6 deployment. He has trained over 75,000 engineers in more than 140 countries on IPv6 topics. He has also provided consultancy for hundreds of IPv6 deployment projects mainly for operators, governments and enterprises. His main focus in the last few years has been IPv6-only with IPv4aaS.

Richard Patterson, Sky UK: Richard is a Technical Manager at Sky UK, responsible for the design of Sky Group’s fixed-line broadband networks. Having started in telecoms back in New Zealand, Richard emigrated to London in 2012 to carry on building large provider networks.



Gerardo Viviers, RIPE NCC: Gerardo is a Senior Learning & Development Officer at the RIPE NCC. He delivers training courses and webinars for RIPE NCC members, as well as LEAs and governmental organisations.