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RIPE NCC Open House: Organising Network Operator Groups

Wednesday, 2 June | 10:00 - 11:30 UTC


We are hosting a RIPE NCC Open House to allow current and future Network Operator Groups (NOGs) organisers, and other interested parties to interact with each other. The main goals are to introduce local NOGs, address issues of interest, and share knowledge and best practices with the community.

Many of the national and regional communities are driven by local NOGs. This RIPE NCC Open House aims to bring all parties together to facilitate exchange between NOGs, speakers and anyone interested. We will be discussing various topics including:

  • How has COVID-19 effected NOGs
  • What is the outlook for NOGs: Are meetings going from virtual to a hybrid or in-person format again soon?
  • Tools and tips for engaging with the community during the pandemic and beyond
  • The RIPE NCC assisting NOGs. What could/should we do?
  • How do we see this group moving forward?

Moderators: Alastair Stachan and Emile Aben, RIPE NCC

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