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RIPE NCC Open House: Community Projects Fund

Tuesday, 26 July | 10:00-11:30 UTC |12:00-13:30 CEST

During this Open House, we heard from CPF-funded projects with a series of short presentations from previous recipients, along with members of the selection committee and a Q&A session.

The CPF has supported a range of projects and innovative ideas over its 25-year history and we formalised these efforts through the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund. We know there's no shortage of brilliant minds in the Internet technical community working on groundbreaking projects but securing funding to support these projects can be challenging.

You can still apply for the Community Projects Fund 2022 until 7 August 2022.


Glenn C McKnight, Virtual School of Internet Governance (VSIG)

The VSIG course "Introduction to Internet Governance (VSIG)” is a free and multilingual online interactive training programme open to anyone, anywhere, with ten core modules. 

Guido Franken, Cryptofuzz

Cryptofuzz is an open-source tool that uses fuzzing to find bugs in cryptographic libraries. It compares the result of two or more libraries performing the same operation (like computing a SHA256 digest, or encrypting a message using AES, or computing the modular exponentiation of some numbers). 

Chris Adams, A Carbon-Aware Internet

The Green Web Foundation proposed the project 'A Carbon-Aware Internet'. Using real-time data about electricity around the world, they will annotate network connections with carbon-intensity. With this information, any digital infrastructure provider can move their compute workloads to greener regions.

Xenofontas Dimitropoulos, ARTEMIS

This project will extend the ARTEMIS open-source tool that performs real-time detection and mitigation of BGP prefix hijacks. The project will enrich the functionality of ARTEMIS to evaluate and monitor the impact of a BGP prefix hijacking incident on the data plane.

Romain Fontugune, Internet Health Report

The Internet Health Report leverages data collected by large measurement platforms (e.g. RIPE Atlas, RIS, and RouteViews) to automatically pinpoint connectivity issues or routing changes that may have detrimental effects on other networks. 

Moderator: Alastair Strachan