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Inter-RIR Transfer Template

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Inter-RIR Transfer Template

Registration Information

1. List the Internet number resources being transferred, their original
allocation dates and specify any resources with status “LEGACY”:

E.g. <resource> <original allocation date> <Legacy: Yes/No>

2. Source Organisation Name:

3. Recipient Organisation Name:

4. Recipient Organisation Registration Number and established State/Country:

Each organisation upon establishment receives an 'Organisation Registration
Number' issued by their local authority.

Please list both the registration number and the authority that issued it.
For example, <Registration Number>, established in/issued by <State/Country>.

5. Recipient Organisation Address:

6. Recipient Organisation Contact Name:

7. Recipient Organisation Contact Phone:

8. Recipient Organisation Contact Email:

RIR Information

9. Source RIR:

10. Recipient RIR:

Optional Information

*Providing this information will expedite the processing of this request.

11. Organisation or Membership/Reg ID of Source Organisation:

12. Organisation or Membership/Reg ID of Recipient Organisation: