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Confirmation of Transfer to the RIPE NCC Service Region (Legacy Resources Without Contract)

[Name of the receiving party (natural or legal person)]
[(Legal) address]
[Registration No, Registration Authority]
(Hereafter referred to as Receiving Party)


  1. The Receiving Party wishes to receive from the organisation with name [insert the name of the transferring party, legal address, city/country,] legacy Internet resources that are currently registered with [insert the name of the other RIR].

  2. The legacy Internet resources to be transferred to the Receiving Party are listed here below (hereafter referred to as “Legacy Internet Resources”)

    [Insert the relevant Legacy Internet Resources to be transferred from the other RIR]

The Receiving Party

  1. Requests the RIPE NCC to undertake the appropriate actions so that the registration of the Legacy Internet Resources will be transferred from the registry of [insert RIR] to the Receiving Party within the RIPE Registry and make any further related updates in the RIPE Database based on the provided information for this request.
  2. Acknowledges, confirms and agrees the following:

2.1. The Receiving Party does not wish to establish any contractual relationship with the RIPE NCC or with a sponsoring LIR with respect of these Legacy Internet Resources.

2.2 Provided that the Legacy Internet Resources are requested to be registered with the RIPE Registry from an RIR with policies that require the receiving RIR to adhere to a needs-based policy, the Receiving Party must provide a plan for the use of at least 50% of the Legacy Internet Resources within five years, which will be evaluated by the RIPE NCC

2.3 The maintenance of the Legacy Internet Resources is the sole responsibility of the Receiving Party.

2.4 The RIPE NCC shall not be responsible and cannot be held liable for this transfer, or for the non-fulfillment of this transfer due to restrictions from the RIPE Policies and/or the relevant applicable policies of the other RIR.

2.5 The terms and conditions of this transfer shall be the subject of a separate agreement of which the RIPE NCC is not a party. The RIPE NCC shall not be responsible and cannot be liable for this transfer, or for its non-fulfillment due to any reason derived from a dispute or a disagreement between the parties involved in this transfer agreement.

2.6 If it subsequently comes to the RIPE NCC's attention that any of the information and/or documentation provided in connection with this request is substantially incorrect, falsified or misleading, or if it is sufficiently proven that the Receiving Party had no rights to receive the Legacy Internet Resources at the time of the request, the RIPE NCC reserves the right to revert all changes made to the RIPE Registry in compliance with this request and request the reverse of all changes made to the other RIR registry accordingly. In any case, the Receiving Party will be liable for any damages caused to any third party, including the parties of this transfer, due to RIPE NCC's compliance with this request.

2.7 The RIPE NCC shall not be responsible and cannot be held liable for any direct and/or indirect damages, including damages to the Receiving Party's business, loss of profit, damages to third parties caused due to compliance with this request or the ongoing maintenance of the relevant RIPE Registry records in accordance with this request.

2.8 The Receiving Party shall indemnify the RIPE NCC against any and all third party claims filed against the RIPE NCC in relation to compliance with this request.

Thus agreed by person authorised to represent and act on behalf of the Receiving Party:

Receiving Party
Name of authorised person