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Tools for LIRs

My Resources

My Resources offers an overview of all IPv4, IPv6 and ASN resources you hold or sponsor. It displays allocation usage and provides an overview of all more specific ranges that have been created under each allocation. An inline editor allows for intuitive updates.


This tool allows you to add new objects and edit or delete existing objects in the RIPE Database.

Ticket Information and Status

All requests for resources are ticketed. The following form can give you detailed information on the status and content of a ticket you received from the RIPE NCC by email.

AS and Prefix Information

You can access all available routing information about AS Numbers and prefixes using RIPEstat.

Zone Delegation Checker

A gateway to the routines that the RIPE NCC use to check reverse zone setup in the DNS before they are actually delegated.

RIPE Atlas

RIPE Atlas is a global Internet measurement network that employs thousands of probes to measure Internet connectivity and reachability in real time. RIPE NCC members enjoy special features, such as testing their IPv6 reachability.


RIPEstat is a web-based interface that provides everything you ever wanted to know about IP address space and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) in one place. It presents registration and routing data, DNS data, geographical information, abuse contacts and more.