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Submission of topology maps

The document also describes the map details which the RIPE NCC expects from the member. We have a sample IPv6 network topology diagram here.

What is a topology map?

A topology map is a graphical representation of how a proposed network will look like at the IP level. For IP Resource Analysts (IPRAs), a topology map can be useful to understand the request, especially large ones. If the information submitted in a request appears unclear then it may well be the case that the IPRA handling the request may ask the requester to submit a relevant topology map. A good topology map can significantly speed up the processing time of a request. As a result of the increasing number of requests which need the help of a topology map to fully evaluate them, the RIPE NCC has decided to come up with a set of standards for Local Internet Registries to follow when submitting them both to help the requestors and to ensure that we apply the same procedure to all LIRs.

Guidelines for the Submission of Topology Maps

  • A topology map should represent a graphical interpretation of the network at the IP level. Maps of geographical regions with a series of points and links on them are not of any real use.
  • The topology map should reflect information already presented to us in the relevant sections of the European IP Address Space Request form, such as the addressing plan template.
  • Depending on how the proposed network will look like, the IPRA concerned may ask for a breakdown of a sample node or POP. Depending on the scale of the request, you may further be asked to fax us a copy of purchase orders.
  • The topology map is used to help us understand your request so please use as many details as possible, this may include line speeds, something which we have not shown in our example.
  • When showing items, for example dial-in ports or routers then you should specify the manufacturer's name and relevant model number.
  • Requestors may use the symbols already provided in the example topology map such as routers and dial-in ports.
  • Topology maps showing a strong resemblance to the one on our web site will not be accepted!
  • The example IPv6 topology map is designed to show the kind of depthand detail which we expect to see.