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RPKI Validator Metrics

The Regional Internet Registries are committed to offering a robust and reliable Resource Certification (RPKI) service. To ensure that the system is performing well, we have added measurement functionality to the RIPE NCC RPKI Validator toolset. When enabled, it will gather the following data:

  • Connection success rate to the configured repositories
  • Whether IPv4 or IPv6 is used to connect
  • Repository inconsistencies
  • Time taken to validate all retrieved objects

If you have enabled the feedback functionality, the gathered metrics will be sent to the RIPE NCC for analysis. The only potentially personal information that is submitted is the public IP address of the system that runs the software. We will use the performance data to improve the RPKI system.

Once this functionality is enabled, you can disable it on the User Preferences page of the RPKI Validator. Simply deselect the "Submit performance data to the RIPE NCC" item. Please note that the RIPE NCC RPKI Validator is open source software under a BSD license, allowing you to verify the code we use.

We appreciate your help.