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Requesting Resources through the LIR Portal

TheLIR Portal enables RIPE NCC members (LIRs) to make requests for Internet number resources, manage their registry data, check the status of their requests, access member specific information and more. Once authenticated to the system, all information exchanged is encrypted to ensure security. RIPE NCC members can find out how to activate their LIR Portal account on the Getting Started page.

Members can use the LIR Portal to:

  • Complete and submit requests for IPv4, IPv6 and AS Number resources.
  • View and edit contact and address information
  • Access billing information
  • See an overview of all Internet resources assigned or allocated to their LIR
  • Check the status of open resource requests (tickets)
  • Access theIP Analyser
  • Access Resource Certification (RPKI)
  • Update certain attribute values in allocation objects
  • Get news updates from the RIPE NCC
  • Set communication preferences