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2017-02: Regular abuse-c Validation

2017-02: Regular abuse-c Validation

Implementation start: June 2018

In order to implement the new policy requiring the regular validation of all “abuse-mailbox:” attributes, the RIPE NCC will integrate an automated solution in the existing processes. This solution will allow the validation of the technical parameters of an “abuse-mailbox:” attribute, such as syntax, domain and mail server configuration.

Implementation Roadmap:

  • trial phase will begin once our systems are ready to perform the automated validation
  • The data collected during this trial will be used to propose implementation options to the RIPE NCC Executive Board (EB).
  • The Executive Board will select the option with the best balance between fast implementation and responsible use of RIPE NCC resources. The initial implementation option might also be adjusted.
  • All current “abuse-mailbox:” attributes will be validated in batches once the technical and procedural implementation has been completed.
  • Once all “abuse-mailbox:” attributes have been validated for the first time, the implementation will be considered to be complete. The final phase of attribute validation does not have a time estimate at present, as it will depend on the implementation option selected by the Executive Board.

The roadmap below provides a current estimation. We will update the roadmap during the implementation process, once more tangible calculations are available for the upcoming phases. For full transparency, we will also document the implementation development process.

2017-02: Implementation Roadmap v2
Implementation Roadmap "Regular abuse-c Validation" version 1

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