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How do I set abuse-c for my PI space or ASN?

The abuse email address is contained in the "abuse-mailbox:" attribute in a role object. It is this role object that is referenced by the "abuse-c:" attribute in the organisation object. This has to be done for all the organisation objects linked to the resources you manage.

abuse-c diagram

First make sure you have created an organsiation object for the assignment and that it is also referenced in the assignment itself.

To update your organisation with an abuse contact:

  • Go to the RIPE Database Query page and search for your organisation object
  • Click Update beside the object
  • In webupdates, find the "abuse-c:" attribute and enter a value
    • If you have an existing role object with an abuse-mailbox, enter the nic-hdl of the role
    • If you do not have an existing role object, enter an email address (an abuse-c role will be created for you)