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How do I set abuse-c for my PI space or ASN?

The abuse email address is contained in the "abuse-mailbox:" attribute in a role object. It is this role object that is referenced by the "abuse-c:" attribute in the organisation object. This has to be done for all the organisation objects linked to the resources you manage.

abuse-c diagram


First make sure you have created an organsiation object for the assignment and that it is also referenced in the assignment itself.

There are two ways you can set your abuse contact, depending on whether or not you already have a role object you want to use for this purpose.

  • If you do not have a role account yet, or if you wish to create a new role object for abuse contact purposes, there is a simplified form available where you can enter the email address you want to use for abuse reports, and it will create the necessary RIPE Database objects and references for you. The form is available here.


  • If you already have a role account and you wish to use it for abuse contact purposes:
    •  Go to the Webupdates tool
    •  Search for: NIC handle role object > Object type: role > click on search
    •  Click on the "+" sign next to any attribute and add the "abuse-mailbox:" attribute
    •  Enter the abuse contact email address
    •  Click edit and your abuse contact has been set