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Allocated PI/Unspecified

Although PI assignments made by LIRs have the same status in the RIPE Database as those issued by the RIPE NCC, it is not clear whether they confer the same rights to resource holders.

The RIPE community has asked the RIPE NCC to bring clarity in regard to PI assignments made by these LIRs for both resource holders and LIRs, and to consistently apply RIPE policies to all "ASSIGNED PI" address space in the RIPE Database.

Resolving This Issue

Based on feedback from the Address Policy Working Group, the RIPE NCC is contacting all LIRs that have resources in the RIPE Database with the status "ALLOCATED PI" or "ALLOCATED UNSPECIFIED" in order to resolve this issue on a case-by-case basis.

Several allocations containing only PA assignments have already been converted from "ALLOCATED UNSPECIFIED" to "ALLOCATED PA" following communication with LIRs.

LIRs holding allocations that contain PI assignments are asked to check if their RIPE Database entries are still correct, update their records, and contact their End Users where necessary to see the conditions under which the assignments were originally provided.

LIRs have until the end of April 2017 to finish their research and bring their RIPE Database records up to date wherever possible. The RIPE NCC will be assisting its members along the way and aims to have this issue resolved by the end of Q2 2017.

Once LIRs have finished their research, the RIPE NCC will work with them in order to:

  1. Convert assignments to ASSIGNED PA when the LIR can clearly confirm that:
  • Although these assignments had been registered with the status "ASSIGNED PI" in the RIPE Database, they had been assigned to their End Users for use that corresponds to the status "ASSIGNED PA" as described in the policy.
  • The End Users holding these assignments are aware of and agree to the request for converting the status of the assignments from "ASSIGNED PI" to "ASSIGNED PA" and any consequences thereof.
  • The LIR has clear contractual arrangements in place with its End Users regarding the assignments.

2. Follow up directly with resource holders of "ASSIGNED PI" to apply the RIPE Policy, "Contractual Requirements for Provider Independent Resource Holders in the RIPE NCC Service Region". The PI assignments will become part of the address space managed by the RIPE NCC just like all other PI space. Once the resource holders have fulfilled their contractual requirements, they will have the same rights and obligations as any other End User of PI space.

3. Split the allocations to separate the PI assignments and convert the blocks that remain with an LIR to "ALLOCATED PA".

End Users are advised to contact their LIRs for any questions or concerns. If that is not possible they can contact the RIPE NCC at [email protected] with "Allocated PI/Unspecified" in the subject line.