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RIPE NCC in the News

Collection of links to external sites that feature news about the RIPE NCC
Europe Approaches IPv4 Internet Address Capacity (Digital Spy)

Europe is nearing its capacity of old-style IP addresses, according to the body that issues them in the territory. (Source: Digital Spy)

Europe Reaches Limit for Old Internet Addresses (CNET UK)

"The day has finally come," said Axel Pawlik, Managing Director of RIPE NCC, that dishes out Internet addresses to European ISPs and other companies. "When the Internet was first designed it seemed highly unlikely that IP address space would ever be an issue," he added, according to The Telegraph. (Source: CNET UK)

Europe Hits Old Internet Address Limits (BBC)

Europe has almost exhausted its stock of old-style internet addresses. Strict rationing of these addresses - called IPv4 - has been started by the body that hands them out in Europe. (Source: BBC)

Providers Pushed To IPv6, As Europe’s Last IPv4 Addresses Are Issued (TechWeek Europe)

The Internet’s transition to a new address scheme, IPv6, reached a new milestone today as the European regulator RIPE NCC opened up its last block of older addresses. (Source: TechWeek Europe)

IPv4 Address Pool Almost Dry (Computer Weekly)

The five Internet Registries now have just 16.8 million IPv4 addresses left each, according to RIPE NCC – the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia. (Source: Computer Weekly)

Internet IPv4 Addresses Running Out Fast (International Business Times)

The group which administers internet addresses in Europe has said it has now run out of addresses which use the IPv4 system. (Source: International Business Times)

Allocation for Last Batch of IPv4 Addresses Begins (techradar)

The final batch of IPv4 addresses have been offered up for allocation, marking the near-end for the fourth version of the internet protocol. (Source: techradar)

Internet IPv4 Address System Hits its Limit (The Telegraph)

The system that allows connects computers on the internet has hit its limit after 30 years of rapid growth, forcing major changes to the technology that has driven the information revolution. (Source: The Telegraph)

UPD No More IPv4 Internet Addresses in Europe and UK as RIPE Runs Dry (IS Preview)

The RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC), which manages the regional distribution of internet addresses for the UK, Europe, Middle East and parts of Central Asia (required by all devices that connect to the internet), has officially handed out the final blocks of IPv4 address space from its available pool. (Source: IS Preview)

Europe Officially Runs Out Of IPv4 addresses (Ars Technica)

RIPE NCC now allocating IPv4 address space from the last /8 netblock. (Source: Ars Technica)