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List of RIPE NCC Speakers

If you are holding an event and would like a speaker from the RIPE NCC to attend, please contact us.

Title Description
Alex Band Expertise: resource certification (RPKI), Internet policy and governance, IPv4 and IPv6, the RIPE Routing Registry, RIPE Policy Development Process.
Anand Buddhdev Expertise: Root servers, DNS / DNSSEC
Andrew de la Haye Expertise: Membership development, IP resource distribution/development, certification, RIPE Policy Development, training and software development processes.
Andrzej Wolski Expertise: IPv6, BGP, Routing Registry, RPKI, LIR operations
Anton Baskov Expertise: Application level protocols (DNS, web, mail, syndication formats, etc.), software development (architecture design, technologies and processes), prod...
Athina Fragkouli Expertise: RIPE NCC governance, RIPE NCC legal framework, RIPE NCC contracts
Axel Pawlik Axel Pawlik is the Managing Director of the RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC).
Bert Wijnen Expertise: Internet measurements, SNMP/MIB, NetConf, IETF
Chafic Chaya Expertise: Management Information Systems, Internet Governance, Telecom Regulation, Communications & Networks.
Chris Buckridge Expertise: Internet governance, IPv6
Christian Teuschel Expertise: RIPEstat, RIPE Atlas, Internet measurements, Internet abuse, RIPE Labs, data quality
Daniel Karrenberg Expertise: Daniel can talk about almost anything the RIPE NCC is connected with.
Emile Aben Expertise: Internet measurements, IPv6, RIPE Labs
Ferenc Csorba Expertise: IPv6, RIPE NCC and RIPE community, Internet Policy and Governance, RPSL, IPv4, Routing Registry, Regional Internet Registries (RIR) statistics.
Gerardo Viviers Expertise: IPv4 and IPv6, Regional Internet Registry (RIR) system, Internet policy and governance, statistics
Gergana Petrova Gergana Petrova is Junior External Relations Officer at the RIPE NCC
Hisham Ibrahim Expertise: IPv6, Internet governance, exchange points, statistics, capacity building.
Ingrid Wijte Expertise: Policy Development Process, Internet policy and governance, Regional Internet Registry (RIR) system, IPv4 (ERX), IPv6
Jochem de Ruig Expertise: RIPE NCC Legal, RIPE NCC Finance and membership developments.
Kaveh Ranjbar Expertise: DNS, Internet measurements, IPv4, IPv6, resource and routing registry databases, BGP, Internet development, IXPs, big data and data visualisation.
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