Chafic Chaya

With over 15 years experience in Communications, PR, Business Development, Marketing, Branding, and operation management related to Internet & Telecom activities, Chafic Chaya has joined RIPE NCC as External Relations Officer (Regional Communication Manager for Middle East region) (relations with governments, media and other stakeholders)

Chafic is a member at the order of Engineers in Lebanon and member in  the working group for the creation of Lebanese Internet Center – LINC, ex-member at Arab IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (2011-2013) and chaired the Communication Group for the Arab Regional Working Party (ARWP) for private sector at the International Telecommunication Union (2006-2010)

Before Joining RIPE NCC, he occupied the position of Market Communications & PR Manager for Internet & Telecom activities at Business & Economy Group (2003 – 2014) and Regional Communications Manager at Ericsson (1999-2002) supporting the Central Europe, Middle East and North Africa markets.

Chafic is pursuing a Doctoral Degree with “Internet Governance” as a topic for his thesis at Staffordshire University in UK, holding a Master in Business Administration and Engineering Diploma in Telecom.