Alvaro Vives

Expertise: IPv4 and IPv6, Consultancy, Project Management, Data networks and services, IPv6 transition, Network Security, RIPE NCC Services

Alvaro Vives is a subject matter expert, trainer and Assistant Manager for the RIPE NCC's Learning & Development department. 

As a subject matter expert, he contributes to the development of training materials and professional certification exams. His role as a trainer involves frequent travel throughout the RIPE NCC service region (Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia) to deliver training courses on behalf of the RIPE NCC on a number of topics, including Local Internet Registries, IPv6, BGP, Security, RIPE NCC services, the RIPE Database and the Routing Registry.

Before joining the RIPE NCC, Alvaro worked as consultant, project manager, trainer and network and systems administrator.