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All presentations delivered by RIPE NCC Staff
Resilience Under Pressure: Perspectives on the Ukrainian Internet in 2022 from RIPE and the RIPE NCC - LUNOG 5

Presentation given by Chris Buckridge at LUNOG 5 in Luxembourg on 16 November 2022


Presentation given by Nataša Mojsilović at RSNOG 8 in Belgrade, Serbia on 15 November 2022

Killing the Planet with Cat Videos - NOG.HR 1

Presentation given by Vesna Manojlovic at NOG.HR 1 in Zagreb, Croatia on 10 November 2022

Greening RIPE with Activism & Empathy - Bits und Bäume

Presentation give by Vesna Manojlovic at Bits und Bäume in Berlin, Germany on 1 October 2022

Deploying IPv6-mostly access networks - NLNOG Day 2022

Presentation given by Ondřej Caletka at NLNOG Day in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 30 September 2022

RIPE NCC Update - GRNOG 13

Presentation given by Adonis Stergiopoulos at GRNOG in Athens, Greece on 29 September 2022

The Internet Landscape in Romania - RONOG 7

Presentation given by Gergana Petrova at RONOG in Bucharest, Romania on 29 September 2022

Internet under sanctions, then and now - BalCCon

Presentation given by Jelena Cosic at BalCCon in Novi Sad, Serbia on 25 September 2022

Introduction to Internet Governance & RIPE NCC - Danish Students and Internet Governance

Presentation given by Vesna Manojlovic at Danish Students and Internet Governance in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 21 September 2022


Presentation made by Florian Obser at NONOG 4 in Oslo, Norway on 21 September 2022