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All presentations delivered by RIPE NCC Staff
RIPE Atlas, Measuring the Internet - NGI Conference at Troopers17

Presentation given by Alvaro Vives at Troopers17 in Heidelberg, Germany on 20 March 2017

How to upgrade a country? - IPv6 Seminar at ISOC Chapter Sweden

Presentation given by Marco Hogewoning at IPv6 Seminar at ISOC Chapter Sweden in Stockholm, Sweden on 13 February 2017

The RIPE Community and Ethical Considerations - Privacy International

Presentation given by Mirjam Kühne at Privacy International in London, UK on 2 February 2017

How RIPE NCC Tools Can Help with Online Investigations - TF-CSIRT 50

Presentation given by Mirjam Kühne and Ivo Dijkhuis at the 50th CSIRT Task Force (TF-CSIRT 50) in Valencia, Spain on 24 January 2017.

RIPE Routing Information Service - RoN++

Presentation given by Colin Petrie at RoN++, Utrecht, The Netherlands on 14 December 2016

RIPE Atlas - RoN++

Presentation given by Emile Aben at RoN++, Utrecht, The Netherlands on 14 December 2016

New Developments in Address Policy and Community Tools - DENOG 8

Presentation given by Florian Obser and Vesna Manojlovic at DENOG 8 in Darmstadt, Germany on 24 November 2016.

Technical Community - Working Together - NIX.CZ

Presentation given by Paul Rendek at NIX.CZ, Prague, Czech Republic, on 24 November 2016

Registry Data Quality - RSNOG 2

Presentation given by Arne Kiessling at RSNOG 2 in Belgrade, Serbia on 22 November 2016.

DDos Prevention and Mitigation - Internet Community Partnership Macedonia

Presentation given by Christian Teuschel at Internet Community Partnership Macedonia, Skopje, Macedonia on 11 November 2016.