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Regional MeetingsRIPE NCC Regional Meetings bring together RIPE NCC members, local governments, key players in the global and local Internet industry and RIPE NCC staff. These events are free of charge and open to everyone. You do not need to be a member to attend.

Regional Meetings help the RIPE NCC learn about the technical, administration and policy issues that affect members and industry organisations in a particular geographical region. The meetings are also an opportunity for us tRob Blokzijl at a Regional Meetingo gain valuable feedback about RIPE NCC services and activities.

In addition to the discussion of important local issues and RIPE NCC activities, attendees can find out more about the work of the RIPE community, how they can take part in the RIPE Policy Development Process and in RIPE Working Groups. At some Regional Meetings, a dedicated RIPE Day is held.

Most Recent Meetings

The RIPE NCC Regional Meeting Tehran, Iran took place on 18 November 2014.

The ENOG 8/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting took place in Baku, Azerbaijan on 9 September 2014.

Where Next?

Host or Sponsor?

If your organisation would like to provide hosting or sponsorship for a future RIPE NCC Regional Meeting, please send an email to meeting _at_ ripe _dot_ net.

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