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Voting Report

There were two resolutions to be voted on at the RIPE NCC General Meeting (GM) October 2019.

2,023 members registered to vote, and 1,749 members cast their ballots. Not all registered members cast their ballots on all resolutions to be voted on.

In all items, the abstentions were recorded but did not affect the vote count. The Options for Resolution 1 needed more than 50% "yes" votes to be approved. Resolution 2 needed more than two-thirds "yes" votes to be approved.

The vote count for the resolutions is recorded below.

The original report from BigPulse is also available.

Verifying your vote

All those who voted electronically could choose to receive an email receipt that allows them to verify that their vote was recorded correctly. To verify your vote, you will need to use your browser's search engine to find your receipt. There are fewer voting receipts than total votes because some voters represented more than one member and carried the voting rights for these members.

Vote Verification Page

The RIPE NCC and its Executive Board would like to thank all those who participated in the voting process. If you have questions about the process, please contact the GM organisers.

Resolution 1

Option A: 

“The General Meeting approves that the RIPE NCC 2019 financial surplus will be added to the Clearing House reserve.” 








Resolution 1 Option A was not approved.

Option B:

"The General Meeting approves that 50% of the RIPE NCC 2019 financial surplus will be added to the Clearing House reserve and 50% of the RIPE NCC 2019 financial surplus will be redistributed to the membership in 2020."








Resolution 1 Option B was approved.

Resolution 2

"The General Meeting adopts the amendments to the RIPE NCC Articles of Association."








The resolution was approved.

14 Aug - Open registration for General Meeting
14 Aug - Open voting registration
18 Sept - Publish all GM documents, including Draft Activity Plan and Budget 2020
2 Oct - Deadline for proxy vote nominations
2 Oct - Deadline for members to propose resolutions
2 Oct - Deadline to publish final GM agenda
16 Oct - Close registration for electronic voting
16 Oct - GM begins with main meeting
18 Oct - GM closes with announcement of voting results